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AnywhereYouGo.comExcerpt: Wrox's Professional WAP
JavaMail and CDO both provide WAP developers with an easy way to construct server-side applications that can deliver simple, and yet powerful, messaging capabilities. This chapter of Wrox's new book shows how developers can leverage these existing technologies in our new WAP applications, whatever platform is our base.
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Join the worldwide network of agents working to make the planet safe for wireless developers... or at least get some cool stuff by writing for
AnywhereYouGo.comWriters of the World: We Want You! is currently looking for freelance writers who can provide regular coverage of the wireless industry from various world hotbeds of development. Specifically, we're interested in candidates from Japan, India, South Africa, Australia and Brazil. Even if you aren't a journalist, you might be a perfect fit for what we're looking for. Contact our editors for more information.


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Motorola's 1st Annual USA Application Developer Conference 2000
Sun Aug 13 - Wed Aug 16

Mobile Commerce World Hong Kong 2000
Tue Sep 5 - Thu Sep 7

GSM 2000 in Asia Pacific
Tue Sep 19 - Fri Sep 22

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