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Girl on float

 Three-year-old Kaileigh Skinner of Pine Grove smiles in the midst of her Grampy Lloyd Eichel's ship models during the Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival parade.

Chester plebiscite scheduled for municipal elections

 CHESTER - The Municipality of Chester has scheduled a plebiscite on the proposed District 3 town incorporation in conjunction with October municipal elections.

 The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSURB) recently turned down a request from the Village of Chester Town Committee to amend the town application boundaries from Polling District 3 to the Village of Chester.

 The board also concluded, in response to the municipality's repeated requests for a plebiscite, that a plebiscite should only be held, if at all, after the public hearing.

 Warden Allen Webber said the municipality would prefer, as the board would prefer, to hold the plebiscite after a public hearing so voters can form a more enlightened opinion on the town incorporation issue.

 But because the board thus far refuses to commit to a plebiscite, he said, the municipality will poll the public before the open hearing.

 "We've been very consistent from the onset that we insist a plebiscite be held. People have the right to vote," he said.

 "So we're holding one in advance because we know we can get it done prior to the hearing to make certain there's no question that people will have the right to vote."

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