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Monday, 8.14.00

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Michaela Pereira Favorite thumbYour Host, Michaela Pereira
You wanted to see more of Michaela; how could we say no?

Your Staff
It's your show or no show, but it's really no show without the careful behind-the-scenes ministrations of these fine folks (cubecams coming soon!):

Featured YMI Staffer
Our newest honorary staff member is Steve Diel. He's a self-described "head-bangin' couch potato computer geek" and the whiz behind the digital recording video "Fast Awake."

And, of Course...You!
Without you, we'd be clearing out our cubes, looking for work on public access. Thanks!

what is YMI?

At You Made It, we like to say "You don't just watch the show, you are the show." It's kind of our mantra. Find out how to join the cult of YMI.

Netcam Network Chatcasts
Every Tuesday, come hang with your fellow netcammers, swap tips and watch vmails. eBonding at its best!

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