Roy #1

This is Roy.
I search and I destroy!
I love to hit stuff. I can hit anything.
Give it to me, and I bust it!

Black Rule

Here are a few things that I've hit this week:

Guitar#1 Guitar#2 Bread#1 Bread#2
A nice Spanish acoustic guitar. A delicious Greek farmer bread.
Guitar#1 Guitar#2 Bread#1 Bread#2
A pint of good ol' brew (pale ale). A cutting-edge Japanese boombox.
Black Rule
Black Rule
Nunchuck Sledge
My two favorite assistants:
a) Nunchaku b) Sledgehammer.

New things will be broken every week.
Everything from Aquariums to ZD-ROMs.
Only the "guy up there" knows what!

Your pal,

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