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JCITech.com is based in Victoria, British Columbia and is a prominent developer of Internet software and database technologies offering leading edge applications for employment, financial and real estate services. JCI has spent years and invested millions of dollars in the development of our revolutionary JobMatchTM Profiling Technology which uses database codes rather than keywords for a matching paradigm. At the heart of all JCI products lies three essential components: software/website, a vendor/service database, and a sophisticated matching engine. The matching engine will not only match consumers with goods and services, but can also learn preferences saving time for both the consumer and the vendor/service provider. This Profiling Technology represents the platform from which JCI is developing state of the art applications in employment, financial and real estate services.

JCITech.com is listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange and traded under the symbol JCI.CDNX. The corporation conducts its business through three wholly owned subsidiaries:

  • JobMatch Inc. which operates JobsCanada™, JobsAmerica, JobsGreatBritain and JobsGlobal, is a revolutionary Internet Employment Service that matches job seekers and employers using our proprietary Profiling Technology. This radical new approach affords the opportunity for any individuals to build an exciting and compelling personal profile resume for access by any employer in the country and indeed, around the world. JobMatchTM Inc. represents a breakthrough in Internet Employment Services and will radically change for the better the current antiquated labor market as we know it.

  • StockMatch Inc. is a new analytical search tool for use by the investment industry worldwide. StockMatch is currently in development and will also utilize our Profiling Technology to enable the neophyte investor or professional analyst to build an investment profile, and in seconds, search the major stock exchanges of the world for matches of that profile.

  • RealtyMatch Inc. developed the technology for, MLS® Online™, the national online real estate Multiple Listings Service for The Canadian Real Estate Association, (CREA). CREA operates this site under license from JCI. JCI retains proprietary ownership of the software and intellectual property. Please visit the CREA site to review this unique software. Through RealtyMatch, JCI intends to open similar sites in continental Europe and other lucrative geographic markets.

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