08/08/2000 where is the mirror ? where is the dust ? where did i leave my car keys ?
01/08/2000 comprez2000 audio coding competiton
31/07/2000 meeting up with old friends
30/07/2000 compressed music
29/07/2000 bored
24/07/2000 update for the sake of updates
21/07/2000 extreme digital signal processing
time invariant linear causal
19/07/2000 How to be a zen master
15/07/2000 My Pubic Key pubkey.asc
                              t w o     i     t i m e s      p i
03/07/2000 Started working at murp. Gives me more time for DSP programming. (note to myself in the future : grammars, generators, and filters, mixing in a matrix)
25/06/2000 Enteprise level mail clustering solution mailwulf
23/06/2000 All the coffee flavour, but with half the caffiene --> m o c k a
20/06/2000 The real reason why Number 6 resigned.
18/06/2000 Your not really a web designer until you are quite proficient at flash.Im not a web designer
18/06/2000 i was gonna make a web-cam(tm) but im not good looking enough. i was gonna attach my scanner to the soundthingo on my webserver, but my scanner is bust. so you can just just listen to AM radio sound bytes
18/06/2000 its my birthady. my present to you all is here. dont do anything illegal, or else i will slit your throat with a blunt soldering iron
17/06/2000 cgi-bin/hits.cgi
17/06/2000 Worms give you a firey ring
16/06/2000 ("Why be Insane when you can be eSane", "Same outcome, less tire rotation")
15/06/2000 |Context Free Grammar Free Software Free (***)|
14/06/2000 {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
12/06/2000 {mainfestu|scram};
06/06/2000 *(resume);
15/05/2000 &(smunge)
21/10/1999 (response)
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