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Linuxcare Labs - the first independent Linux testing authority

Linuxcare Labs is the first independent, vendor-neutral testing authority to provide a comprehensive program certifying hardware for use with the Linux operating system. The two phases of this program include Standard Hardware Certification and Enterprise Hardware Certification. As a prelude to certification, the downloadable Linuxcare Labs eTest™ tool offers a baseline look at a product's compatibility with Linux.

Standard Hardware Certification
For Standard Hardware Certification, Linuxcare Labs tests installation, configuration and basic operation in order to certify that tested systems and components exhibit full functionality under the Linux kernel. Products that pass the Standard Hardware Certification tests earn the Linuxcare Labs Certified mark, and are added to the Linuxcare Labs Certification database. Linux users then have access to the latest list of Linux-compatible hardware.

In addition to certifying hardware against the Linux kernel, Linuxcare Labs provides compatibility testing for leading commercial Linux distributions--including Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE and TurboLinux.

Enterprise Hardware Certification
While Standard Hardware Certification validates the basic capabilities of components and systems running under Linux, Enterprise Hardware Certification verifies that the products can operate in real-word applications and enterprise environments. Specifically, the Linuxcare Enterprise Hardware Certification tests a product's extended functionality, interoperability and performance characterization capabilities.

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Linuxcare Labs eTest
Released as open-source software under the GPL (General Public License), the Linuxcare Labs eTest is the first comprehensive tool designed to test for base-line compatibility of systems and components under the Linux operating system. At no cost, you can download and run the test with your product to verify that the Linux kernel can identify and access such components as network controllers, video adapters and storage devices.

The Linuxcare Labs eTest can also probe your system and provide summary information on such components as CPUs, power management systems, network controllers, hard drives, and parallel and serial ports. While the Linuxcare Labs eTest does not certify a system or component as fully operational with Linux, products that pass become candidates for Linuxcare Labs Certification.

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