errata \e'rat-e\ n

                 a: a list of corrigenda
corrigendum \kor-e'jen-dem\ n
                 a: an error in a printed work discovered after printing
                         and shown with its correction on a separate sheet

Welcome to the Security Errata Page. 

Check back frequently as information is continually being added.

This page exists to enlighten readers about errors, lies, and charlatans in the computer security industry. With media
running rampant and insufficient checks and balances for their reporting in place, the general population has been
mislead about everything from hackers to viruses to 'Information Warfare' to privacy. 

People often ask why we are so critical about articles, or focusing on a single paragraph of a larger article.
Regardless of the size or frequency of errors, they can be viewed as single bricks. The more people read these bricks,
the more they begin to see the entire wall. After reading the same errors or omissions from several news sources, the
information makes an amazing transition from 'unbiased news' to 'gospel'. The notion that it is 'unbiased news' in the
first place is just as ludicrious, but a fact of life. 

The contents of these pages are OUR opinions and observations only. If you wish to mail us regarding any of this, feel
free. That includes disagreements, errors in our assessment, new information, or anything else. We will strive to keep
an unbiased page that deals more with fact than opinion. 

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