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grabs and broadcasts video in gnutella-space

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    INTRODUCING COLAvision™ Grab and stream video on the net. Be your own broadcaster! COLAvision gets video from gnutella-space and converts them into a stream you can broadcast from your machine. Download the binaries, the source, the polemics and see for yourself. While you're at it, get some wears for your warez and grab the COLAvision open-source t-shirts.

LATEST BUZZ August 15, 2000--Globe&Mail;: "Hackers aren't criminals -- they're the best kind of security". Our Minister of Information responds to Victor Keong's "Don't Hire DefCon Hackers". [Read it]
August 2, 2000--National Post: "Risk of being a video Napster doesn't fluster Toronto firm". More press fallout from COLAvision's Defcon debut. [Read it]
August 1, 2000--ABCnews.com: The guy with the accordion singing Nine Inch Nails? He's with us. [Launch and click to the third photo | The accompanying story]
July 28, 2000--"We've gotta vision--and it's all about cola". COLAvision debuts with a bullet at Defcon 2000. This open-source software is a system for finding, collecting and broadcasting audio and video files on the Internet. [Read the press release]
July, 2000--Wired 8.08: "You Got the Power". Howard Rheingold writes about distributed computing in the latest issue of Wired. Of course, no article on the subject is complete without a mention of openCOLA. On newstands now but not yet online.

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OUR CHIEF EVANGELIST POLEMICIZES Not every company has a chief evangelist and ours has been a very busy boy. OC Polemic #1: Encapsulating Effort and Distributing Labor. How openCOLA maximizes the distributive and collaborative potential of the open-source movement. OC Polemic #2: Solving the Slushpile With openCOLA. Who needs Napster's democratized network if 90% of the stuff is crap? How openCOLA routes around Sturgeon's Law. OC Polemic #3: openCOLA and COLAvision. Using good ol' non-artificial intelligence to find the vid, pics and music you like.

WE BELIEVE "openCOLA is an ideavore. We eat excellent notions, digest them, use them as fuel for our organizational engine. We believe in the power of great ideas, and in the power of technology to propogate them." [Read the full COLAcarta]

What is openCOLA? OC tab
 An application
openCOLA is a collaborative search tool which aggregates effort and stores network intelligence [More]

 A protocol
openCOLA allows any object in COLA-space to directly address any other object regardless of its location, and even through firewalls [More]

 A suite
There are limitless possibilities for OC-aware tools and we want everyone to get involved [More]

 A company
We are an open-source software development company with offices in San Francisco and Toronto [More]