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July/August 2000 -vol. 13-# 3 published on the 15th day of odd numbered months - on line at HTTP:// - e-mail to - US Mail to - 74 Cottage St., Jersey City NJ, 07306


This project revives a Jersey City based newsletter from the late '50s/early '60s, and is dedicated to John White, Bobby Rey and Badd Ladd - holding a spot at the bar for us at that big Joe Crine's in the sky.


Vincent "Doc" Doherty, basketball hustler extrodinaire, has been selected for the JEDSEY JOURNAL Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Doc never forgot the basketball skills that he honed in Jersey City. He was still betting on his most accurate hook shot at the age of 60 and only stopped then because of some assorted health problems that he incurred. Through the years Doc touched all the bases - at the Shore he would toss them down with John White and then crash at Mike Renahan's - in Florida he bounced around with Badd Ladd and Twisted Tetzle - then on to the coast where he hob-nobbed with Pete Murphy and Joe Russoniello - in San Francisco he promoted basketball and dealt with Richie Kaner and Peter Vescey back East. Several years ago the JEDSEY JOURNAL caught up with Doc, and sadly last year Doc wrote to report on some health problems and passed soon after that letter. Reprinted below is the prize winning eulogy written by Doc's friend and former Prep teammate, Father Earle Markey.

PHOTO OF DOC - in San Francisco supplied by Doc's friend Sean McVeigh, who reported that at the time of his death, the ever optimistic Doc was heavily into plans to be at the 2000 Olympics.

EUOLGY ON A HOOK SHOT by FR. EARLE MARKEY, SJ (reprinted from July '99) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Here are a few background facts about my very good friend, Vince "doc" Doherty. He was a 1949 graduate of St. Peter's Prep and a 1953 graduate of John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. As a Prep basketball player he was outstanding. He made the All County team in 1949, selected both by the Hudson Dispatch and the Jersey Observer. That year ('48-'49) St. Peter's Prep, coached by Pete Caruso, won the County championship in a game memorable for several reasons. The Prep defeated Union Hill, led by the great Togo Palazzi, at the Dickinson gym, the first South Hudson team ever to win the county championship. Vince Doherty had a truly remarkable game, scoring 26 points and leading all scorers in that game. He seemed impervious to pressure and played one of the finest championship games in Hudson County history. The Prep went on to win 2 state championships and finish 2nd in the Eastern States Invitational Tournament (ESCIT) in Newport Rhode Island. The major factor in all these championships was Pete Caruso's ability to harness the power of Vince's offensive game and to blend his unique style and individualistic attitude into the team's structured offense. ---------------------------------------- Vince was recruited by Coach Elmer Ripley for Georgetown University. However, Coach Ripley left Georgetown that year and asked Vince to accompany him to another Jesuit school, John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. While Elmer Ripley was at John Carroll Vince prospered as a player. He was a starter and high scorer on their freshman team, and starter and high scorer on their varsity as a sophomore. Unfortunately Elmer Ripley left John Carroll at the end of Vince's sophomore year, and the new coach took time to adjust to his players and their varied abilities. However, in a most memorable game at Seton Hall's gym in the 1952-53 season, Vince scored 28 points against Seton Hall, the year that Seton Hall world win the prestigious NIT championship and be ranked as one of the top 3 teams in the country. Vince was a unanimous choice for Seton Hall's all opponent team that year, in which Seton Hall played many of the best teams in the country. --------------------------------------- Upon graduation from John Carroll, Vince entered the U.S. Army, where he served his country with distinction for 2 years. He then began a business career, while starting a college basketball scouting service that was given accolades by author Jimmy Breslin, at the time a New York journalist. The headline of the article was titled: "A scout cannot have a heart". Besides this enterprise, Vince's entrepreneurial spirit let him into marketing various sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, when played in the San Francisco Bay area, and the "3 on 3 Shootout" staged in the Justin Herman Plaza near the San Francisco ferry building. He was well known and very popular as a member of the Olympic Club in San Francisco, a tennis player in the senior leagues there and an advisor to many young athletes who frequented the club. ------------------------------------------------- He was a wonderful friend, a unique talent, and a man of many gifts. His positive attitude and his spirit of optimism in the face of many serious illnesses in the last years of his life were an inspiration to all who knew him. ---------------------- I hope these reflections of mine help you all to know Vince better. He deserves your praise and an eternal reward in heaven.


ELDA AND CARMINE DI MATTEO wait for the Mt Carmel procession in front of the house that Carmine has lived in for most of his 89 years. The Feast of Mt Carmel marks the day of the annual DiMatteo family reunion that they host in their front yard. Great grandson TJ Williams looks on.

It's been a banner season for get-togethers. The DiMatteo Clan had their annual meet in the same front yard across from Mt Carmel Church on Broadway in Jersey City, where Giuseppe DiMatteo grew grapes and made wine 75 years ago. Each year the group meets coincident with the feast day of the patron saint of the parish church, so that they can participate in both events. Sadly the Feast is on the wane as the church approaches bankruptcy and the disappointed children had no fireworks to close their evening. …………………………….. In Brielle, Ray and Sharon Cash were able to finish remodeling their house in time for their annual pool party which brings out many of the former West Side Avenue crowd and even coaxes Melonhead Barry down from the Cape each year. (see photo link) ……………………………. Ed Bowler reports that they are planning the biggest ever Donovan's reunion on the afternoon of Saturday, September 16th. Jugger Donnelly and others are adjusting their travel plans to New Jersey, just to be able to make the scene at this bash. ………………………… Kevin Crane the ultimate Jersey City Giants baseball fan introduced his friends from the NJO Hudson Neighbors forum, to Newark Bear baseball at the Rick Cerone's new stadium. Kev who always wears, a Jersey City Giant hat or jacket, is currently working on a scale model of Roosevelt Stadium. Below we have included an excerpt from his comic commentary posted in the Hudson Neighbors forum which describes the evening at the minor league game. (a picture of the group at the game is included in the photo link)

KEVIN CRANE watches the Newark Bears cavort as he dreams of a bygone era when Newark was the arch rival of the beloved Jersey City Giants that he can only recall from what he researches and the stories passed down to him. The following analysis of the game is taken from "Days of Our Forum" a comic spoof that he does every few weeks on the Hudson County NJO site.

While driving along Rt. 440, TomG and Jed notice lighting stanchions 
toward the back of Lincoln Park. Investigating, they find K the O laying 
the last pieces of masonry in the outfield wall of what appears to be a 
completely reconstructed Roosevelt Stadium. Jed: “This is your 
MODEL???" K: “Yeh, I was having trouble with detail at 1/8” = 1’. Hey, I
was granted an International League franchise this morning. Buffalo’s in
town tonight. You guys coming?” 

The gang attend a Newark Bears game and Big Sis is selected to race
Newark’s mascot – Ruppert the Bear – around the bases between innings.
As they round third base Ruppert has a slight lead on Sis so Big Hubby
distracts the carnivore by pouring honey on the pitcher’s mound. Sis 
crosses home plate to the cheers of the appreciative crowd. Realizing
he’s been duped, Ruppert becomes enraged and chases Big Hubby
throughout sections 9 and 10, much to the delight of the fans.
Fortunately, a group of Forrest Rangers in attendance subdue the beast. 

JanetG inquires about the bullpen behind the left field fence. “That’s
baseball jail” says TomG. “Oh. Do they go there when they make an error?
Is there a trial first?” asks Janet. Tom notices the Forum gals are engaged 
in conversation, no doubt, regarding the action on the field. “Look at that, 
Jed, they’re really into the game!” 

The Bears pitcher strikes out the side throwing with his foot. Angie: “So 
my doctor put me on this diet. No meat, poultry, dairy, vegetables, or fruits
of any kind.” “What CAN you eat?” asks Big Sis. “Certain condiments”
replies Angie. 

Ozzie Canseco hits a towering home run that bounces off a 727 on
approach to Newark International. CG: “Where did you get those shoes,
Angie? I love them.” 

Babe Ruth is announced as the on-deck batter. Big Sis: “Did you see
Harrison Ford’s new film, Bar Wars? What a hunk!” CG: ”What are those
men doing out there on the grass? Hey, let’s hit the broccolli sate

Jed applies a generous amount #5 halogen block and stretches out on a 
bleacher seat. “A perfect evening” he thinks. 


Jumping on the reunion band wagon, Jersey City has scheduled a Homecoming for the days of October 20, 21 and 22. All former residents are invited to return to see the physical and cultural changes in the City on a weekend that also features ethnic festivals and local artist studio tours. Taking a page from the city of Boston, special walking tours are planned to highlight some of the historical buildings that former residents may never have noticed when they lived here. Bob Leach's wonderful pamphlets will be provided as background for each site, and Kevin Crane, Andy Sydor and Jed will be serving as guides on Saturday the 21st. Other events will showcase the Loews Theater restoration, and Kevin Crane is working feverishly to complete his Roosevelt Stadium model.


When Richie Kaminski was inducted earlier this year into the Hudson County Hall of Fame he joined a select sports group that includes other JEDSEY JOURNAL readers, Father Earle Markey SJ and Mike Rooney. The Hall of Fame was actually started about 10 years ago and the 25 inaugural inductees included Jerry Molloy,Vinny Ernst, Bill Cochrane and Bill Raftery. The group has been adding about 10 names a year and now numbers over 100. To commemorate the year 2000, County Executive Bob Janiszewski commissioned a Melinda Saminski Hall of Fame painting to be made into posters, and these poster may be obtained from the County office while the supply lasts. Stop by Jack Miller's to see a framed copy which depicts scenes from the first baseball game at Elysian Field in Hoboken; the first million dollar fight gate (Dempsey/Carpentier) and the Jackie Robinson's first integrated baseball game both in Jersey City.


There is now an official archive for the JEDSEY JOURNAL set up in the New Jersey Room of the main branch of the Jersey City Public Library. A complete file of hard copies of the JOURNAL, going back the first issue of the new generation of our paper, are available in an indexed binder kept by Ken French (author of one of the Jersey City -Profiles of America - Books). Part two of this project will be to create an online file of these issues and include links that are not on the hard copy file. The groundwork for this electronic file has been started, and the file will be available on the NJO site located at the URL link below.


BOB LEACH reads tales of the Great Houlihan to the interested group at the new Grove St. Bookstore (near Tania's), which was the old bookstore in the JCAC antique shop on Columbus Blvd.

Orders are rolling in for Bob Leach's "Saloon Stories", and Bob continues to be a one man show as he pitches the book with readings in bookstores and Irish pubs around the state. Besides waiting for remote bookstores to get these books in stock, readers can order it from either or Jeff/Geof Hermes provided the review below on the Amazon site. Bob's next reading will be August 17th at Barnes and Noble in Hoboken. If you haven't caught the act yet, this is a good time to see Bob who has really honed his story telling skills.


CB CONGRATULATES CAPTAIN BILL MORRISSEY JR on becoming the fifth consecutive William Morrissey to attain his Master's License.

Bill Morrissey Jr. received his Master Seaman's License recently, but when you think of it he really didn't have a career choice. He was the fifth generation William Morrissey to become a boat captain in a tradition dating back to his great great grandfather Captain William Morrissey who was a tugboat captain in New York harbor back in the late 1800s. The original Captain Bill was black balled for trying to start a union in New York, and so to continue working he migrated to the new Panama Canal and was there to guide the first ship through the locks. The next Captain Bill was a tugboat captain in the New York Harbor in the early 1900s working for the Erie RR to cross barges full of trains across the River in the pre tunnel days of the railroads. The third William Morrissey was born in 1917 and worked in various capacities related to commercial shipping, eventually rising to be a captain for Moran Towing in the New York Harbor. Of his two sons, lawyer Dick Morrissey had a real problem to chose a career because he was not a "William", but Billy went to work on the tugboats and quickly rose to captain and then retiring after 37 years of covering the entire East Coast and the Gulf. Although retired the CB legend sails on, as they still sing sea chanteys that recall him docking his boat at 59th St. and spending the night with Dennis Hanlon at Gleasons before heading up the East River and bouncing off bulkheads all the way to Connecticut.



The 1954 Lincoln High School class that included JEDSEY JOURNAL readers Art Fredman, Dr. Ralph Famigletti, Fred Yeck, Jimmy McLaughlin and of course Jed, is looking for members and is contemplating a 50 year reunion in a few years. Of the 174 members, only 52 have been accounted for so far. We are asking our readers to pass this along, and help fill out this list. Information on class members should be sent to Bill Gill or Lynn (House) Burke at the email addresses included on the attached links below. A list will be established on the permanent JEDSEY JOURNAL url listed below so click and save now and check back for future updates. This data base will be free and certainly more accessible than sites like etc. The following excerpt is from the latest LHS '54 alumni update issued by Bill Gill:

 We have located:  Holcombe Berggren, Pat Burkard, Sarah Anne Cafone, Pat 
Casserly, Agnes Cassidy, Anthony Checkowski, Dee Cirone, John DiMatteo, Jerry 
Ferentinos & Marion Marchiano Ferentinos, Art Fredman,  Rosemarie Elmo, Ralph 
Famiglietti, Anne Fitzpatrick, Pauline Fylack, Bill Gill, David Goren, 
Frances Gorzka, Barbara Hamil, Ralph & Frances Guadagno, Lynn House, Bob 
Jeronowitz, Len Kagan, Leona Kowalski, Marie laski, Ted McKeever, Jim 
McLaughlin, Lester Monroe, Mary Motychka, Arnold Mytelka, Millie Mytryshyn, 
Gabe Nazziola, Irma Olsen, Ed Reehil, Betty Richert, Mike Scherby, Judie 
Sann, Arlene Schwartz, Dolores Smith, Leslie Susser, David Sweet and Eleanor 
 Sadly, Joan Ellison died in 1997,  Beatrice Walker also died and MAYBE Jim 
Moulton because we cannot find him and Social Security lists a James Moulton 
as being dead and the listed birthday looks correct.  More deaths include -  
Margaret Connolly, Agnie Gianella, Perry Jackson, Melvin McMahon, Cecelia 
(from Bill Gill)

(click here to send e-mail to Bill Gill)

(click here to send e-mail to Lynn (House) Burke)


JACK SCHAEFFER AND ROSE NARDONE enjoy a stop on a Bahamian Island during their recent cruise.

The soap opera that was the Jersey City Census Office ended with John "Crystal" Carlson rising above all the intrigue to finally become the office Manager, and he will celebrate by attending Anne Rice's New Orleans birthday party. Sadly friend Kent Greene from the same office, died as a result of a respiratory illness that he had been neglecting. -- -- Gail Hermes also succumbed last month to an illness that she had been battling corageously -- -- Patty Scharke visited her mom in Newark for Mother's Day and enjoyed a side trip to see the new developments in neighboring Jersey City. She reminded Pete Ilvento of his chess games with hubby Kenny Scharke -- While Pete Ilvento TALKS about retiring from his restaurant, his brother in law, Fr Ben Militello, will officially retire from the priesthood on Aug 1. Fr. Ben will move directly into his new job as managing director of Caesar's Keno parlors in Atlantic City. Meanwhile Pete showed off his new hip by leading the Feast procession at Fr Ben's former church, Mt Carmel. --- Jackie Schaeffer's grandson, Dalton Smart was honored in Norfolk by being selected that town's Youth Ambassador for Excellence, and not to be outdone his late wife Muriel Schaeffer's grandson Dave DeFazzio of Lake Placid is ranked 12th Nationally in fig skating - - In California, Eugene the Doorman has received his Blue Belt in martial arts and not to be outdone his dog Martha won 2 first place prizes at a Boston Terrier Meeting - - Congrats to Jed's neighbor, nurse Annabelle Quidit on her Texas wedding to Ike Galindo -- --- "Here's to you Mr golf ball picker upper" that series of beer commercials has won Larry Gross' son Mark THE international First Prize as best advertisement of the year. --- --- Jack Schaeffer reports that he and Rose Nardone had a grand time on her maiden voyage cruise -- -- Billy Bob Stewart's daughter and son in law Jamie and Dennis Lui journied to Monteal Quebec to lead thier group in crashing the parties and events at the Grand Prix du Canada -- -- Maarrk and Joan Clarkin had a ball touring the Riviera and Monaco -- In St Louis Jugger and Melanie Donnelly enjoyed meeting with Tim Breslin and his visiting group from Harrigan's which included ex Jersey Cityites Jack Moran and Frank Finn. -- -- Joan the witch and hubby Bill Daly had a wonderful trip to Spain and Portugal (if you discount being held up JFK and losing a day, when the plane couldn't get off the ground and somebody committing suicide in front of them during a visit to a cathedral -- Joe Ferrara has returned from his spring trip to France and now looking forward to his fall trip to Hawaii --- -- Citizen Kaczor and wife Anna spent several weeks exploring the state of Arizona -- Tilo Ricci went to Italy to fix up some of his houses there but spent most of his time hanging out with a famous wine maker in the mountains above Abruzzo -- -- Robbie Dimatteo, who went to Poland to visit family last year, had his relatives return the visit this year. First his Babcia Bashia spent almost two months with him, and then she left just as his cousins came to visit for more than a week. -- -- Included in Mother's Day celebration with the Jeds were the unlikely triumvirate of Nutty Phyllis Del Re, Loony Faith Dimatteo and Crazy Tissy -- -- Congratulations are in order to Maribeth Collins (DLWFB) for going back to school and sticking it out to learn new computer skills at Chubb Institute -- -- Dietra Wright (the Jed ex who is not a filthy lying slut) has discovered a health snack called the Bumble Bar (coincidentally "Bumble" was a tease name for Jed's brother Peter) and on the back of the bar there is a kid's face with the endorsement words "Jed loves 'em"

This column will make nostalgic visits to the past by reprinting actual copies of the original JEDSY Journals. This will serve to introduce our cast of characters to our newer readers. All of the original JJ library was purged by Pooh-Pooh Daddy in an attempt to eliminate anything that might be considered evidence, if it fell into the hands of law enforcement personnel. Most of our incomplete vintage file was copied from a collection of issues that Jimmy Nacion carried with him as he traveled half way around the world.

This is a vintage dispatch rather than a vintage issue. When Ace Kennedy moved to his new house late last year, he had occasion to sift through some boxes that had seen many other moves before. At the bottom of one box he found some JEDSY JOURNAL related papers including a letter from Jed in California, asking him to cover the marriage of Crazy Tissy for the JOURNAL. Earlier that year Tissy had decided that there was not much left that she hadn't done, so it must be time to be married. She summoned Limpy and Jed to meet her at Julius' in the Village with the lucky guy who had been hand picked to become Mr. Crazy Tissy - clean cut John Garrity - who Tis billed as "Finky John". The attached letter instructs Ace on how to cover (disrupt) the wedding for the JEDSY JOURNAL. Although Tis gave up her career as Holly Golightly, four children later she was back in full swing, being Auntie Mame for her family. There has to be a book in what John Garrity endured, but Tis is not talking. Eventually she and John agreed to split. Perhaps the straw that broke the camel's back was the day that John looked out the window as he was having breakfast and choked down his coffee as he said to Tis - "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?". A flatbed truck was delivering a WWII camouflaged General's Map table field car. Mary thought she could use it to take the kids for ice cream, and they could sit around the table and eat their sundaes on the drive back home.


DID YOU KNOW JACK NIES was on your TV screen all through the playoffs?

Jed and Crazy Tissy were watching the NBA Playoffs in a bar, and there was Jack Nies arguing with a player over a flagrant foul call. They had not seen Jack since the day 37 years ago when they scaled the fence to sneak into a game at West Point only to clamber into good seats in front of Jack who had just driven a charter bus up to the game. Jack arrived back at Dohoney's first and the story became legend even before our heroes returned. Besides his skill at driving the lane in basketball, Jack Nies was a licensed bus driver and drove his team bus to games he played in at St Mary's, Kansas. His roommate Jugger Donnelly reports that Jack would drive the bus 36 hours back and forth to a game in another state while scoring 36 points in the game and all without any sleep. During college, Jugger says that Jack started to develop a social consciousness, and that he became and activist for various causes. Now he has carried that to the extreme by becoming an NBA ref. Jack Nies is alive and well and living in the Arizona foothills outside of Tucson with his second wife, Kim Erics. His first wife, Anna May Franco (sister of Richard and cousin of Jimmy Nacion) lives in West Allenhurst, N.J., where she is owner and operator of the Wee Ones Nursery School. Her home serves as as a revolving door for her four children - Kim, Tara, John, and Eric - as well as her three grandchildren. Two more are on the way.Probably the best known of their children is Eric, who's enjoyed an enviable career as a model and television actor. He was one of the originators of MTV's Real World and also hosted an exercise program. He's appeared as a guest on major network tv, including interview shows. He has appeared as a model in GQ and other national magazines, and hopes to continue his career in the media. In the meantime, he and John are involved in a marketing project on the internet. Eric did a kiss and tell interview on Howard Stern last month to push his product (see his website below). Kim and Tara are both expecting. This is Kim's first and Tara's second. Tara works as an RN nurse/midwife, and practices what she preaches by having her babies at home.Anna May enjoys her family and many friends. She has an active social life and plans to include the reunion Sept. 24 at Donovan's Reef (owned by her Carducci cousin) in her activities.


THE LEGEND OF WALT CHUCKABULA lives on in the 1957 archives of the JERSEY JOURNAL. Besides the two above there was one other larger story that included some of Walt's background but that article could not be located.

When the first JEDSEY JOURNAL in 35 years came out in 1996, it carried a story of Fr. Tommy Carlton meeting Jed for the first time in an even longer period of time. The reported story was that one of the first things that Fr. Tom wanted to know form Jed was if he had heard anything from Walter Chuckabula. Walt could have been the greatest football player ever to play in Jersey City. The story was that he played his high school ball at one of those west Hudson County high schools and graduated at 16 and enlisted in the army for several years where his body matured, and he played service ball. He made a contact at the U of Illinois and after a year, where he starred on their freshman team, he had been granted an athletic scholarship only to be called back to Jersey City to get a construction job to support his mother's medical bills. In Jersey City he signed to play football with the Hudson Hornets semi-pro team, which was stacked with great talent and only needed a fine running back to put them over the top. As reported in the clippings above the Hornets were a juggernaut sparked by Chuckabula's great talent. The team was supposed to run through the season undefeated despite playing all of their games on foreign turf, because they did not have a home field of their own. Then following a big Jersey City street rally they would bus to some town in the outlands of New Jersey and win the championship game on some late game heroics by Chuckabula. That was the script that never came to fruition, because Charlie the Priest was running a beer party to fund his return to the seminary, and he got mad at Jed for slipping some party tickets Robert Mcloughlin and Ed Bowler whom he considered persona non grata. To punish Jed for this deed, Charlie went to Ed Grant at the JERSEY JOURNAL (who he had known at the from his days as a manager for the Prep teams) and told him that WALT CHUCKABULA was a figment of Jed's overactive imagination, and that all of the Hudson Hornet stories were bogus. The great Chuckabula scam was finished. All the work and planning that went into it was lost. The construction of the team had been done by committee. The big twins, Karl and Anton Jucides, who played both ways on the line were taken right out of John White's sister's classroom register. The only two players whose names were based on real people were QB - Joe Greer (based on Joe Greer from Oratory and Elizabeth) and FB - jarring Jon Kwirk (based on John Quirk a 98 pound asthmatic from Jersey City). By coincidence both John Quirk and Joe Greer are College department heads and will be reported on in our next issue. One night before the football season Ed Bowler was going to be late for a summer basketball league game at Audubon Park, and Jed agreed to fill in for him until he got there, but Jed told of his upcoming scheme and insisted on playing under the name of Walt Chuckabula. The other team ran off to an 8 - 0 lead to open the game, but Jed put back an offensive rebound over a cursing Don Brandes as both Jimmy McLaughlin and Robert McLoughlin shouted "Chuckabula" to make sure the scorer transmitted the name of what was to be a future legend for his first appearance on the sports pages of the JERSEY JOURNAL.


This column was originated to review Dan Beards' video entitled "Jersey City .... My Hometown", so it is only fitting to do a redux on the redux. Taking a page from Joan Lovero's book, Dan Beards has gone back to his classic video about Jersey City and edited it into a new slick version that includes bits of those great Jersey City books we all love, by Lovero, Leach, Shalhoub and French. Dan has also included some new photos and background music. The result is a must see even if you have watched the previous version 100 times (like most people). To write to Dan to order a copy of this tape - click on the email link below, or if you have no email access you may send $20 along with your name and address to this paper (address listed on front page) and we will make sure that you get your copy. And while you're at it - the leader on the tape shows three other Beards videos now available featuring, St Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Jersey City, Morristown NJ and Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark.

(click here to email Dan Beards to order this video)
I met Kris Bibrowski after he had come from Warsaw to the US, and was immediatly impressed by his work ethic. Later I came to think that he worked too hard, and was uptight and suspicious because he didn't know how to relax. Readers can form their own opinion.

While Krys was visiting New Jersey last with his family last month, Jed took him to a comedy shop in Atlantic City where a young ventriloquist was performing. The comic ventriloquist was going through his usual run of stupid Polish jokes, when a Krys who was sitting in the fourth row stands on his chair and says, "I've heard just about enough of your denigrating Polish jokes, you jerk. What makes you think you can stereotype the Polish people that way? What does a person's national background have to do with his worth as a human being? It's guys like you who keep men like me from being respected at work and in my community, from reaching my full potential as a person, because you and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against not only Poles but foreigners at large ... all in the name of humor." Flustered, the ventriloquist began to apologize, when the Krys piped up, "You stay out of this, Mister. I'm talking to that little guy on your knee!"


The newest additions and changes for our online network of readers are included here. Jimmy McLaughlin and Crazy Tissy are on line. Add these addresses to your e-mail listings, and send a note to an old friend today. We will direct link to your websites as they come on line, and there are also websites of local interest included here. This month we are featuring the Classmates site where you can get in touch with friends who went to high school with you. We are also adding a permanant link to the JERSEY JOURNAL site on NJO. Save any or all of these sites in your favorite places. Click below to access new and previously published links and addresses.


PHOTO OF POOH-POOH DADDY and clan taken by Joseph Ilvento at his own parent's 50th anniversary party last year.

LIGHT RAIL shown at Exchange Place excites readers, but has yet to develop a following of riders.

PATTY SCHARKE - surveys construction of new 3/4 million dollar town houses at Port Liberte area during her tour of the "new" Jersey City.


SEP/OCT (Special Back to School Issue) - Report on all of our friends in Collegiate Academia - WHERE ARE THEY NOW? ( Lou Brown) - THE WAY WE WERE - Marylyn Leach's Nostalgic Poem "A Simpler Time" - VINTAGE ISSUE - JCNJ REDUX (The Summit House) ,

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