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"If only he had used his power for niceness instead of evil." -- Maxwell Smart

It is well observed that there are a lot of us around. Some people hate nerds, most people feel sorry for nerds, and nerds are often given more credit for technical prowess than is due. But surprisingly few people have taken a look at understanding who we are, how we differ from the norm, what strengths we might have for us to capitalize on, and most importantly, how we are to fit in without compromising what virtues we have.

This website is meant to be a first stab at the subject. The intent is to arouse interest in the subject of nerds and hopefully provoke further comment. Many people may hesitate to talk about their nerd side on their public web page, any many won't have their own web page page at all, and I've got tons of space, so I'll be glad to post your essay within my own web site, named or anonymous, but I reserve the editorial right to refuse such work solely at my discretion. Before you spend much time composing a lengthy essay, bounce your idea off me with a quick e-mail so you'll know if I'm receptive to your train of thought. I'd be delighted to work with you on something.

I welcome suggestions for improvements. I am very good at taking criticism, so long as there is a constructive component to be found and you don't get downright nasty about it.

My hope is to build this web site up to where it is a really useful device for nerds, predominantly high school and college kids, who want acceptance by the rest of society but lack solid advice in how to achieve it. If something can be well articulated, nerds should be able to understand it.

Send me e-mail I would really like some feedback on this.  I will not publish anything you say without your permission.

Goals of Nerd Resource

How to quit being a nerd? An elusive quest - This is a little story discussing the futility of many oft-cited solutions to the question: how can I quit being a nerd?

If you want to quit being a nerd or help someone quit, this page might be of use to you. But our approach here is different from that. The idea is to say look, I'm different from the rest of society. As a result, I am not being treated well. What is the nature of the differences between us and everyone else, and how can we compensate for those differences that are weaknesses? The feeling here is that there are some worthwhile things about being a nerd that are probably worth keeping. So the question becomes, how to accommodate social norms while being true to your good points?

Definitions of nerds and berms Very important concepts for this page.

Advice For Nerds

Agenda For Change What to do if you're perceived as a nerd and want to improve you social situation.

Nerds and Intelligence Nerds put way too much stock in IQ.

Attitude Toward Berms Some comments on how to look upon berms as a class.

Parents A few helpful hints about dealing with your parents, particularly your mom.

Nerds and Denial Many nerds are in a state of denial that precludes progress.

Women This probably won't be easy.

Fashions Dress to fit in. A key area.

High School and Bullies Surviving high school is tough for a nerd, particularly because of bullies.

Judging Society Nerds tend to be quick to condemn society, and thus miss out on an awareness of its good points.

Enemies of Nerds We have enemies, who are they, and what are they like?

Ego and Growth A little amatuer psychology.

Parties and Conversation Dealing with parties is a very difficult art form.

History of Nerds What were we doing 100 years ago, and how did we get where we are now?

Cool Something nerds aren't talented at.

Fairness and Objectivity An important distinction.

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