the kassandra project -
visionary German women around 1800

the kassandra project will probably no longer achieve rampaginghood in the determinable future. Other sources of information, however, probably do rampage through webspace with the agility of a berserk gazelle. The following key describes the current state of affairs.

[key: [+] reasonably complete. [0] partially articulated. [-] barely functional.]

Project Documents

[+] Project Statement
The argument for the existence of this project, and the explanation of its title.
[+] Graphical Conceptualization
Just as the title suggests, a graphical conceptualization (plus textual transcription) of the ultimate structure of the kassandra project.

Project Directories

[+] The Karoline von Günderrode Pages
Still the best developed fraction of the kassandra project, and the unwitting contributor of several pieces of this larger collection.
[0] Biographies
Brief biographies of a number of German women of the period; these are supplemented by the admittedly meager biographies associated with the Karoline von Günderrode Pages.
[0] Bibliographies
A number of bibliographies concerning creative German women of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, among them a general bibliography that should at least provide some introductory assistance.
[0] Visions (Special Effects)
Through a careful process of cannibalizing other parts of the project, this area now possesses several intriguing items.
[+] Externities (Germanistik Links)
A neologistically named page that provides links to a variety of resources concerning Germanistik and related fields of study.
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