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U.S. Department of Justice

"NETSEC is a leading professional services firm dealing in the areas of Security Architecture and Engineering, Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, and Intrusion Detection. The organization has been providing a 24X7 Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) capability to the Executive Office of the United States Attorneys (EOUSA) for three consecutive years. During that time period, they have provided outstanding support in the form of more than 40 technical reports, numerous briefings, and immediate response to possible hacking incidents at EOUSA's nation-wide field sites.

Their in-depth understanding of new technology and systematic approach to security has been instrumental in guiding EOUSA decision makers in their selection and implementation of security related products and services. NETSEC's security engineers have supplied solid guidance and recommendations regarding complex issues such as: Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), laptop security products, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). They have also provided EOUSA System Managers with valuable information regarding secure configurations for the following components: CISCO routers and switches, NT Servers, NT Workstations, and SCO UNIX Servers.

Although the company is relatively young, they have already established a very extensive list of clients within the federal government arena to include DOJ EOUSA, DOJ Tax Division, FBI, USDA, US Army, and the US Air Force. Their experience within the US Government, coupled with their intimate familiarity with the DOJ organizational structure has made the corporation very successful in overcoming obstacles and resolving difficult security related issues that transcend many organizations within EOUSA.

My personal experience with the company and its performance has been both pleasurable and informative. NETSEC employees have proven themselves to be not only security professionals, but a team of engineers that will take whatever measures necessary to get the job done. From the senior level management to the engineer implementing the solution, they possess a customer focus that is to be admired and applauded. If the issue is network security, I highly recommend them to address it and solve it."

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