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Civil Engineering Knowledge and 
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The Amateur Scientist's Club:

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The best, single site for Virology on the Net:

Books on Virology:

Virology Methods Manual
| Virology - A Laboratory Manual | Molecular Virology: A Practical Approach SCIENCE HOBBYIST , is based  in Seattle. If our group needs an online spot to hang out, here's one: ARCHIVE:  

INFO: It's an amateur science email forum with about 100 (mostly adult) subscribers. It's been around for about 8 months.

The Invention Dimension: The Lemelson-MIT Program

TINY U.S. SATELLITES MAY BE COMMUNICATIONS FUTURE the size of wireless handsets may be used for future applications, announced researchers on Friday. Two of minuscule satellites, weighing under a half a pound, were in space in late January. As battery power eroded, the of the satellites ended on Friday. Called "picosats, "two satellites sent and received data transmissions from. They were launched by scientists at Aerospace Ernest Robinson, head of the mini-satellite project, satellites may take the place of larger, costlier telecom in existence today. Rockwell International Corp. the satellites' silicon relays and wireless gear. predict a slightly larger type of satellite will be called a "nanosat," which will be deployed in groups to advanced telecom services. (Reuters, 11 Feb 2000)

LAB IN A PEA POD -- Three principal components of Sandia's integrated micro chem lab are small enough to fit easily inside a snow-pea pod. Shown from left to right are a surface acoustic wave sensor array, a preconcentrator that collects chemical vapors for gas-phase analysis and a miniature gas chromatograph column. The entire system, designed to also analyze liquid samples, fits into a package about the size of a thick paperback book. (Photo by Randy Montoya)

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FUN STUFFBizarre Things you can Make in Your Kitchen  | Duct Tape on the Web  | MondoTronics Robot Store |

Cornell's Digital Earth - images from space. Find images of Sequim and the area from 1994, taken at a resolution 1 pixel=8 sq. meters. See image of Sequim, below.

Inventions for Sale or License - with drawings, etc.  Fun site. [See illustration from the site, below.]

Patent Resouces - Free Pint, Issue #38 from the UK

All Experts - ask a scientist a question, FREE.  If the group doesn't answer it, or if your email to a member goes unheeded, ask here.

Internet Science Journal

Space Imaging -

Full Text Patent Search at:

exoScience - astronomy, biology,

Army Defense Page - munitions, systems, vehicles.  Your tax money well spent <pun>.



New technology (RFID) Radio-Frequency I.D., may "knock out" bar codes.

EEVL - virtual library at Edinburg Engineering

Microscopy - UK site.  Free images and information about the Eurocam - A high quality digital video camera ideal for microphotography or Macro work


The major subject gateways in the science/technology area include. Choose your links, carefully.  Note the URL at the bottom, left of your browser as you point to the link with your mouse or trackball.
. ChemDex (chemistry) ( |
EEVL (engineering) ( |
. the Math Forum (mathematics) ( |
. OMNI (biomedicine) ( |
and  . TIPTOP (physics) ( |

Space: . NASA - sign up for Space Science News delivered via email | . Goddard's Weekly Newsletter

General: . Space Daily | . Science Daily |
SciTechDaily <Thanks, Jere> | . Constants and Equations Page | . Science Reference Shelf | . UniSci, Science and Reserch News | . Netsurf | . Scientific Resources |   . Issues in Science and Technology home page. Science Magazine; Collections | . Mad Scientist Network | . Martindale Reference Desk. The Scientist (magazine) | . Population Clocks from the Census Bureau | . Science Channel - front page | . Science a Go-Go - "Science with knobs on." |


How Stuff Works - at:

Geology:  Illustrated Glossary of Terms |

Biotechnology: . graphics gallery, etc. at: Bioscience Research Material |

Zoology: . Glossary of Nomenclature in Zoology

Chemistry: . Chemical Science Sites | . Visual Elements | . Chemfinder | . Chemical Engineering | . World Wide Web . | . Virtual Chemistry Library

Engineering and Science:  

Follow this link to efunda's site

Engineering: The free gateway to quality engineering information on the Internet - EEVL:
Includes reviews of over 4,350 quality engineering Web sites: | Engineering E-journal Search Engine | . Recent Advances in Manufacturing (RAM) - Bibliographic database for manufacturing | . Engineering Newsgroup Archive | . Engineering Internet Guides - Bibliography of guides to engineering information on the internet. | . Dictionary of Electronics | . Mechanical Engineering Page | . Engineering Journals at ISJ | . Engineering and Science Sites | . Top 25 Engineering Sites | . Engineering Zone | . Manufacturing Methods | . Mechanical Components | . Patents and Intellectual Property at IBM | . Reference Tables taps, drill, torques, etc. | . Composites Search Engine | . Index Connections for Engineering at Cornell, | . The Planetary Society (sign up for their free,  SETI screen-saver) |  . Engwho - Engineering Search Engine | . Earth Vision Environmental Resources |

Physics: . Internet Public Library Ready Reference | . Physics Resources | . The Laws List  - law, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, & thought-experiments in physics | . Physics Web | . PhysLINK - physics link | . Physics E-zines and Journals - UK site.


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