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THE RAVEN Roller Coaster Fact Sheet

DESCRIPTION: The Raven is Holiday World’s award-winning wooden roller coaster, located in the Halloween section of the park. Featured on CBS’s 48 Hours, PBS’s Great Old Amusement Parks and The Discovery Channel’s Wild Rides, The Raven was voted the nation’s #1 Wooden Roller Coaster by the readers of Amusement Today in 2000. It was also named one of the U.S.’s Top Ten Roller Coasters by Forbes American Heritage magazine.

FEATURES: 120-foot tunnel, 85-foot and 61-foot drops, sharp turn over Lake Rudolph, double banked curve at the bottom of second hill, and fog. The ride is through thickly wooded terrain.

TRACK LENGTH: 2,800 feet

RIDE HEIGHT: 110 feet

RIDE TIME/SPEED: 90 seconds; 60+ miles per hour

TRAIN: Single 24-passenger train, with six cars seating four riders each.

LUMBER: Southern Yellow Pine                   

RIDE CAPACITY: 700 Guests per hour

RIDERS HEIGHT: Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.

INVESTMENT: $2 million

RIDE DESIGNER: Custom Coasters, Inc., West Chester, Ohio.

QUOTES: "The Raven was responsible for a sudden turn in roller-coaster design. The park and the coaster designer got the idea to forgo bragging rights for height and speed in favor of focusing on the quality of the ride. The result...blew everyone away." –Forbes American Heritage Magazine

"Santa’s beard was probably black before he rode The Raven." –Chicago Sun-Times

"…this classic coaster is a major surprise, partly because riders can’t see what’s coming—the woods are that thick—and partly because it gives world-class air time." –The Cincinnati Enquirer

VIRTUAL RIDE: Downloadable footage of The Raven is available.

Updated 7/28/00