WORLD WIDE CANNABIS ACTION, Saturday, May 6th, 2000.



ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico. Folks from all over the state and a few honored guests from distance lands

attended. We began with a wonderful Invocation by the Buddhist Rev. Yusen

Yamato, traveling with the Global Peace Walk, and started the March with at

least 500 people. As we passed storefronts and the UNM campus, we were joined by hundreds

more! One estimate, made by counting people between phone polls times the

number of polls we covered on the sidewalks on BOTH sides of the street,

came out at almost 1,000 marchers at our peak! Quite a diverse, all-ages

crowd, and certainly the largest single cannabis-focused event ever

conducted in New Mexico. There were no arrests. We have video and many pictures. Here's a small photo from

Yamato's Invocation:

Attachment converted: CNW HD:Yamato&Bruce5-6-00.jpg (JPEG/JVWR) (00045018)

Delta-9 Coalition Hotline: 505/281-6277. (Bruce

Bush) Personal number: 505/256-0810 Alternate contact: Richard Haley <>



ANCHORAGE, Alaska. Contact: Al Anders, Free Hemp In Alaska 907-278-HEMP Fax 277-HEMP

<>, Over one hundred activists peacefully marched from downtown

Anchorage to the offices of Free Hemp In Alaska. No arrests but lots of media. Channel eleven (CBS)and channel

two (NBC). Also local radio station The END (WKNZ) marched reported live. At the end of the march we

registered votersto help us legalize hemp completely by voting yes in November.

ATLANTA, Georgia. CAMP. Tel: 404 522-2267 (Paul Cornwell) Fax 404-523-3712

<> We had a vocal march leave from the midtown City

Hall East at about 12:40 pm, down the prestigious Peachtree Street to International Boulevard, in front of CNN

CENTER and into the Centennial Park. 500 demonstrators listened to speeches by Kentucky's Gatewood

Galbraith (Reform Party); Presidential Candidate, Stephen Gaskin (Green Party); and hempologist and author

of 'Emperor wears no clothes', Jack Herer. Also speaking was Athen's Georgia journalist and editorialist, Ed

Tant: Tom Perry (Georgia Libertarian Party); representatives of Refuse & Resist; and Natl. Coordinator of

C.A.M.P., Paul Cornwell. NO ARRESTS! (no pot either, that's because they threatened to prosecute all

cases in state court) However they did tell the two folks caught smoking to leave for lighting up. Media coverage

was on all three local television stations, and several local radio stations: also on the local news section of AOL.

AUSTIN, Texas. Phonemail: 512-493-7357. (Tracy) <>

About a thousand people joined the Millenium Marijuana March

in Austin. URL:

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama...attended by around 500. Local

bands.... speakers included ...the Green party and... Native American activist

and MS sufferer Danille Baptista...who bravely graced the front

page of the Birmingham Post Herald the day before the rally smoking her

peace pipe...No arrests despite the wonderful smell of the herb

floating throughout the park. Made the front page of the

paper the day before the rally plus all 4 local news channels

after the march, leading the news on Fox 6. .

LeAnne Owen, 1248 22nd St. S G3, Birmingham, Al.

35205. Tel: 205-933-6698.

BOISE, Idaho. March on the Capitol. <> URL:

BOSTON, MA, USA Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition Tel: 1-781-944-2266 (Bill Downing)

or (Steve Epstein) <>

Our vigil outside the JFK Building (federal offices, including DEA) in

Government Center attracted about 35 activists on Friday evening. We had

high quality signage and literature printed for the event. Our protesters split off to do a march around the Fanuel

Hall Marketplace, & were warmly and loudly received when they passed by the

crowds at the outdoor cafes.

BUFFALO, New York. 716-353-4807 donald powell <> Only 12 people, but they got


BURLINGTON, Vt. From: Robert Melamede <>

Sadly, the bulk of the Burlington event was rained out. However, about 200

people still showed up from numerous states and there was a feeling of

commitment to action that I have not seen for many years. The old and

young, the sick and healthy were represented. We had better press coverage

than ever before - 3 TV interviews. All in all, it was a very successful

failure. (Dr. Robert Melamede), J6 Stonehedge Drive, South

Burlington VT 05405 Tel: 802 658-2059 <>


CAMDEN, New Jersey. Ed "njweedman" Forchion - The Legalize Marijuana Party Ph: 609-893-1893 Upcoming NJ Jury Nullification Trial- March 13th 75 folks marched from Camden across the Ben Franklin

Bridge to the Liberty Bell in Downtown Philly.

CASSOPOLIS, Mich. Vandalia Michigan Rainbow Farm Campground 616-476-2808.

30 folks at May 5 gathering and Cino De Mayajuana Event

May 6 convoys to the march in Lansing

CHICAGO, Ill. Caren 773-935-5446 fax 935-1496 <> Alt. phone number: Wendy

773-363-6354 or 363-2942.

CHICO, California. Tel: (530) 345-5753 Mike Rogers reports they started out with 215 people, growing as they

got into town, peaking at 450 or so. This year every day is jay day!

CLEVELAND, Ohio. Ph 216-521-9333. John Hartman

<> estimates over 1000 people rallied in Public Square, marched in the street to the Public

Safety Center, and totally surrounded it (the jail). Guards waved bags of pot out he windows, and one officer came

out and told the crowd he "really supports" what they're doing.

DALLAS, Texas. Contact: Rick D. Day (972) 377-2262 Americans Against the

Drug War. The Dallas, TX participation in the MMM was a tremendous success! As many

as 200 people showed up in the shadows of the Kennedy murder to loudly and

peacefully protest the War on Cannabis Consumers. The biggest the crowd

got at any one time was over 125.

DENVER, Colo. Activists, public officials and candidates for office spoke to a crowd

of about 500 during three hours at the state capitol at Denver. There

was no civil disobedience. There were no arrests. We got great press

in the Rocky Mountain News the next day. A splendid time was had by all.

Contact: "Jack J. Woehr" <> You can add


DES MOINES, Iowa. Iowa NORML, Post Office Box 4091, Des Moines, Iowa 50333

(Carl Olsen) Ph 515-262-6957 <> Damon Moreno. 515-274-5727 New Contact: Terry

Mitchell 515-789-4442

DETROIT Mich. Tel: 313-438-1668. APHASIC PRESS

we had a total turn out of under 1000 marchers. we began at noon and marched our route until 420 pm ending

officially at 421 pm. the most moving part by far was the response of the public as they passed by our crew of

marchers. we had many of the posters being hand held, 4 sizes of red crosses formed our pool of people, with a 20

ft banner in the middle saying 'civil rights 4 marijuana'

it was not a thing short of spectacular! Contact line is 313 438 1668; email c/o


"The HappyhouseChurch" link to THC-ULC:


EUGENE, Oregon. Chris Milligan <> Phone 541-935-6276. Over two hundred

people marched from Skinner's Butte Park; up High Street , to 8th, to Oak and

then to the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at the LaneCounty Court House,

where 450+ gathered for speakers and an open mike. TV coverage by KVAL-TV (CBS-affiliate), they did two

interviews at

park (showed part of one) and then they followed march for awhile and got our

arrival into downtown. They then showed some of speaking and told about two

petitions for legalization and focussed on our chant of - "What do we want?

"Drug Peace!" "When do we want it? "Now!?

Attachment converted: CNW HD:crmarijuanamarch0507.jpg (JPEG/JVWR) (00045B01)



EUREKA, California. <> or <>

GARBERVILLE, Ca. Contact: "Paul Encimer" <>20 hempsters met under the clock in

downtown Garberville sporting a ten foot banner that read HEMP HERBAL HEALTH. After an hour of drumming

and music the group then marched to deMulling park at the north end of town where music and serious

conversation continued, along with a Millennial Marijuana March day Smoke-in. Some present were veterans of

Seattle & DC and firmly believe that the Party of the Future is to reclaim the streets.!!

HILO, Hawai . Tel: 808 961-0488. Roger Christie <>

HOUSTON, Texas. (James Partsch-Galvan) <> Stated at the Westheimer Festival at

Tinsley Park, marched to City Hall... Fox news reported on the MMM and showed some footage from London,

but didn't mention that Houston had participated as an "international city.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Mark Petersen <> Indianapolis turned out approx. 250 people for

the MMM. Keith Stroup of national NORML just happened to be in town and was our featured speaker.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Patch @ the Global Peace Cafe 816-931-7876

<> 10 people at vigil.

LANSING, Michigan. March Pictures

<> 300 people marched on the Capitol;

no arrests or problems; 3 tv stations carried it, incl CNN(Lady Brown

Hair), TV 6 Lansing,and TV5 WNEM. Mid-Michigan ran a 6 o'clock story the

evening after the march.

Contact: Kathy Kennedy Ph 517-628-3915

LOS ANGELES, Ca. Project Hemp is Hep, 824 West 40th Place, Los

Angeles, CA 90037 Ph 323-232-0935 (Sister Somayah) <>

From Leimert Park.. We proceeded up south on Crenshaw with a parade escort

accompanied by Mr. Peoples' BLACK HOLOCAUST Slave Ship... led by the Nigritian Kief Society holding the

Nigritiaembossed with the Nigritian Kief leaf, and flanked by the Red Crescent moon

representing health...medicine... emergency care.. instead of using the 'Red

Cross'. Also included...were dignitaries from the "Hemp

Movement", including the famous character "Marijuana Man" who rolled on his

mini-bike. Sister JaReal rolled in the Hemp is Hep van.. and several youth

from the KAOS crew joined in the MMM down the line. Signs read STOP ARRESTING OUR PEOPLE FOR


REPARATIONS NOW!! WE had a sound system donated by

Sheriff Block's nephew, Michael Block who had reggae music!.Some culture

from the community , and speakers included Brother Akile of Kwanzaa People

of Color,Naryer Harden, Ann McCormick, mother of Todd McCormick...

from Bel Aire).... and Attorney Tom Ballancco, Marijauna law

attorney/activist and friend of Woody Harrelson..Others who attended... were Brother

Dedon, Sister Virginia Pratt, Reverend Gathor, Najii Ali, brothers from the

Nation of Islam, Brother Salaam, Sister Molly Bell, Brother Charlie Blue,

Sister Kaylee, Father Ronald Freeman, Brother Roland Freeman, Dr. "B",

Sister Yukiko Kudo, Brother Salaam, Brother Ojenki,

Jadilli flowed some lines in support of his mom....and so did my son,


LOUISVILLE, Ky. <> Roland A. Duby Ph 606-342-5954

LUBBOCK, Tx. Scott Evans <> Phone. (806) 724-1720.

MADISON, Wisconsin. Tel: 608-257-5456 "Ben Masel" <>

Wisconsin Capitol State Street Entrance is at noon - Mifflin Marijuana March to Miffland Block Party.


MIAMI, Florida. Temp. Contact: Nicole. 305-940-350 <>

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - Contact: Grassroots Party - Chris Wright or

Dale Wilkinson 612-789-5696; We saw a thousand people attending the rally at Loring Park but we noticed that

only half joined the march to Washburn-Fair Oaks Park.

NOML MN (612)871-8780=20

<> or Third Stone

(612)825-6120 Terry or Bruce; or David Lach Collins, State Director/

NORML MN (612)871-8780=20



MONTPELIER, Vt. Contact: Rama Schneider at (802) 433-5441 <>

Montpelier's Millennium Marijuana March went on despite the continual

very wet weather. Two live bands and a handful of speakers were the focal

point of a rally that counted up to 50 people. For more information visit

NASHVILLE, Tennessee. Contact: Howard Leinoff, 615-262-4283. Tennessee's Organization for the Reform of

Marijuana Laws, POB 68409, Nashville, TN 37206 email: Meet at high noon at the

parking lot ($1) across the street from Adelphia Colloseum at 1st Street & Woodland Ave. Cross the Woodland St.

Bridge to the State Capitol, then back across the Victory Memorial Bridge, which brings us back to the parking lot


NEW ORLEANS, La. contact: Ashley "the Fearless" Kennedy (504)824-1072

<> March begins at 8pm on St. Ann and Rampart Streets, underneath the Armstrong

Park Arch (Louis liked his tea, and would approve). Our speakers include John Sinclair and attorney Gary


NEW YORK, NY. Cures Not Wars <>, 9 Bleecker, N.Y.C. 10012. USA. Tel:

212-677-7180 Fax: 212-353-1670. Media: 212-677-4899<>

for another view:

Attachment converted: CNW HD:NYC.JPG (JPEG/JVWR) (00045B52)

If you are from the New York area, you can come to meetings on Sundays at 6 at # 9 Bleecker St one block west of

the Bowery. We also have trainings on Saturday at noon, meeting up in front of the Washington Square Hotel until

1pm, then at Bleecker & MacDougal until 2pm. You can also send yr postal address for a free infopack, or just call

us at 212-677-7180. On Saturday, May 6th, gather south of Washington Square Park (but not IN the park) from

11 to 12:30; walk south to Houston street and a block or so east & you'll hit the "official" parade assembly point

(it's too small) at Houston & Broadway. March leaves promptly at 1 PM, reaches City Hall Park just before 2pm.


OKLAHOMA CITY reports maybe 20 people showed up-- all friends. A band called sixpoint played and &

Bryan's band played 2 songs... Contact email: Bryan <>

OMAHA, Nebraska. Contact: Joshua Thompson <> 402-968-7319

"Stop the Lies" Vigil at the offices of PRIDE (Parent's Resource Institute for Drug Education) 1 PM- 6 PM

Saturday May 6 PRIDE OMAHA 3534 S. 108th St. 68144

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. At 400 o'clock approx 60-75 citizens gathered at one of the most respectedly symbols of

freedom in the entire free world. Liberty Bell National Park, home of the liberty bell. Citizens from all over the

Philadelphia region lead by Edward "njweedman" Forchion founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party participated in

the Millennium Marijuana March...

Contact: Diane Fornbacher


PORTLAND, Oregon. MMM-PdxNORML. P.O. Box 86694, Portland, Oregon,

USA, 97286-0694. Tel: (503) 777-908-8503/235-4524 (Floyd Landrath)

<> Updates: 503/777-9088=20

<> Alt contact: <> (503) 777-9088.

Hannah PO Box 11008 Portland, OR 97211. From HempTV--

RALEIGH, North Carolina, the State Capitol Building, sat 4:20 PM. Bring Signs and Banners. Contact: Nick:

919-854-2915 email:

RICHMOND, VA. Here's the run down: NO ARRESTS-- we

marched with about 150-200 people Email address:


Contact: Phil Sedillos (805)966-3233

<> 1040 Cliff Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93109

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca The Drug Peace Campaign, 190 El Cerrito Plaza, PMB 313,

El Cerrito, CA 94530. Tel: (415) 971-3573=20 email: <>

<> The SF Millennium Marijuana March attracted a spirited crowd

despite unseasonably adverse weather (rain). An estimated 1,200 - 1,500

were on hand for the 4:20 march past the former SF Cannabis Buyers' Club

and Civic Center. There would have been many more if the bad weather

hadn't driven folks away early. The parade extended several blocks, and

attracted lots of cheers and horn honks from well-wishers. Local

cannabis clubs supplied medicine to qualified patients. There were no

marijuana arrests.


ST. LOUIS, Mo. 500 throughout the day with about 250 marching. Contact: Jeff, 314 995-1395,

<> Saint Louis NORML, Box 243, St.Louis MO 63122

SAN MARCOS, Texas. 150 people rallied, gave speeches, smoked pot, with no arrests.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida. Contacts: Kevin Aplin FL CAN 321-255-9790. Jodi James Coalition Advocating

Medical Marijuana 321-253-3673. Brien Palmer Golden Boy Productions 407-493-2346.

The event was attended by about 500 people. No arrests. About 50 people

made the march to the St. Pete Police Dept. and back.



SEATTLE, Washington. March grew to 3,500. Rally was packed with speakers Don Wirtshafter, Nora Callahan,

Dr. Rob Killian, I Krist Novoselic, Seattle Activist, Jeffrey Steinborn, Michele Miles, Dr. Francis Pordebarec,

Martin Martinez, Harriet Walden,Jean Black-Ferguson, & Robert Lunday.

Hempfest 2000: Photo Gallery. & MMM 1999, 2000.

Tel: 206-781-5734 <>

Contact: Vivian McPeak <> Seattle Peace Heathens, Seattle Hempfest, Seattle

Events Inc.

TAMPA, Fl. - AMERICAN CANNABIS SOCIETY, POB 17162 , Tampa, Fl 33682,











813-631-8915. (Bob Quail)<> or at


TELLURIDE, Colorado. Contact: Telluride Hempery. Phone number: 970-728-5792

e-mail: <> 35 Pilot Knob Lane, Telluride, CO 81435

We got together in our Town Park (home of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival) and for 6 hours cleaned up the park.

Afterwards, we had a 4-hour picnic. Overall, we had approximately 75 people show up to participate in

discussions and planning of future events in our community. It was a peaceful day with no arrests or even


TUCSON, Arizona. (Travis Klein) <Travisk@U.Arizona.EDU>

WASHINGTON, D.C. Contact: Miriam at NORML. (202) 483-5501 for info on both April 29th Millennium

Medical Marijuana March, and May 6th Action by the July 4th Coalition.



ADELAIDE. Australia Legaliseit <> (Mike)





NIMBIN MMM The tiny village of Nimbin Australia (pop. 600) had over 8000 revellers at the Nimbin's annual

Mardi Grass and Cannabis Law

Reform Rally. Graeme Dunstan, director of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement

called on the crowd to remember the injustice of the drug laws and, in

particular, the suffering of the prisoners, and the families of

prisoners, convicted by drug offences. End the suffering!

End the Drug War! Release the prisoners!" Contact: Gary J Gray, Web Master for the Nimbin HEMP

Embassy, & the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement [actual

address is reply to or

"hempshop" <>


GRAND FORKS, British Columbia. Canadian Cannabis Coalition, P.O.Box

1481, Canada V0H 1H0. (Pavel Dimotoff, Director)

<> P.O.Box 2342 Grand Forks, British Columbia,

Canada V0H 1H0



MONTREAL Quebec. Bloc-Pot party of Quebec. Tel: 514-528-1POT (528-1768).

(Marc-Boris St-Maurice) <> Our mailing address

in montreal: MMM c-o BLOC-POT P.O. Box 361, station C, Montreal Quebec,

Canada, H2L 4K3 <>

TORONTO, Ontario we had about 1500-3000 people who attended . Police were kind to give us a escort, as we followed a police cruiser west along Queen St. to University, and then north up to Queens Park yelling, shouting, and being rumbunskis. Me, I 'm walking along yellling, hey hey, yo ho, marijuana law, go to go! As we got to Queens Park, we were unable to set up stage and music. That's okay, a rapper got up there and sang for legal pot while others clapped a beat. Toronto Sun was present, along with a host of other TV,Radio, and Newspaper reporters, who fielded questions from those attending. Amazingly, the next days paper made no mention of the march. CTV covered it briefly. A damn good march, which should be more often. Toronto March, P.O. Box

66044, 1355 Kingston Rd., Pickering, Ontario. L1V 6P7 email:


QUEBEC. Tel: 418-336-3159. (Paul Giroux) <>

VANCOUVER, B.C. Contact: "Cop rodeo clown David Malmo-Levine is

co-ordinating the Vancouver Millennium March. Contribute to the

organizing in the Activists and Activism thread at, or contact him privately at" URL:

WINDSOR, Ontario. Tel: 313-438-1668. APHASIC PRESS

c/o "The HappyhouseChurch" link to THC-ULC:


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada. Contact: Chris Buors, 391 Reburta Avenue,

Winnipeg, Manitoba R34 0KS, Canada. Tel: (204) 663 3485.

5-600 gathered 1 to 3:30 PM in front of the legislative building, for scheduled speakers followed by an open mic.

Sponsors called for de-crim of all substances.






Paul Chang - P.O. Box 24,

Laughlands, St. Ann (until Feb. 22/00)

Tel: (876) 972-0817 voice; (876) 794-8086 Fax: (876) 794-8087

[in CANADA - P.O. Box 69010, 2 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto,

Ontario M4T-3A1 (after Feb. 22/00)

Tel: (416) 755-5225; (416) 759-7130 Cell: (416) 318-5940

fax: (416) 755-8049]


AMSTERDAM. Legalize! Event at: International Court of Justice in The Hague,

the famous Vredespaleis(Peace-Palace).<> The two Saturdays

following May 6 Legalize! we will have similar demonstrations in two more Dutch

towns. On May 27th we will stage our yearly (4th!) 'Legalize!

Streetparty against

the Global War on Drugs' in Amsterdam with a number of mobile sound systems.

We will also do our normal parade across the Amsterdam centre of town!


BARCELONA, Spain. ARSEC - Asociacion Ramon Santos de Estudios Sobre

El Cannabis Placa Sant Josep Oriol, 4, 08002 - Barcelona, Spain.

email: <>

BERLIN, Germany HANFPARADE (Hemp-parade) bureau. Tel: 0049-30-24720233.

(Martin Muncheberg: 0049-30-29 49 02 01 - every working day from

noon to 8 p.m.) Only about 300 participants due to permit hassles.

fax: 0049-30-24720234. <> Hemp Museum: Tel:


BERN, Switzerland Contact: Anna Fehr 0041786015461 e-mail:

BOLOGNA, Italy. Contact Erasmus Student Network. +39-051-241175. email. <>

fax: +39-051-241175

COPENHAGEN, Demark: There was a march in Denmark. The people from CHRISTIANIA

organized it. 4 more information about CHRISTIANIA go 2 .

DESSAU, Germany 50 hempsters joined in a revolutionary, anti-Nazi, anti-capitalist march of 500 people.

DUESSELDORF: (Wolfgang Werkhausen)

About 500 people noticed it and celebrated this "green" event with music

and typical informations about the faults of drugpolitics.

EDINBURGH, Scotland. Gather Princes Street, Edinburgh. 12 noon till 2pm.

Volunteers phone Linda Hendry on 0131 667 6488 email <>

Legalize Cannabis Campaign Scotland.

ENSCHEDE, Netherlands. URL

We are a cannabisclub/cooperation with 3489 registred members we will

protest at the border netherlands/germany location: Enschede bordercrossing

Glanerbrug-Gronau. We are going hand out de Dutch and German legalize

manifest to all passing vehicles and persons. MMM date: 6 may 2000 14.00 cet.

FRANKENTHAL 50 participants marched through the city in the afternoon c/o

Helmut Holzheimer <>

HAMBURG:About 50 participants at the "Kulturhaus Eppendorf" w. discussion forum

and hempy video shows (time t.b.a.) c/o Tom Rocker:

<> and Martina: <>

LEON, Spain. Contact: Martín Ferrer <>

LISBON, Portugal. TBA Alt. email contact: "Luis Teles" <>

LONDON, UK. International Cannabis Coalition (UK), PO Box 2243 , London W1A

1YF, UK. Tel: 0171-637-7467. (Chris Sanders) Fax: 0870 054 8646.



LYONS, FRANCE. Nous proffitons de ce mail pour rappeler, et/ou

annoncer qu'un des objectifs du Calumet de la Paix est de re-creer

une coalition entre association et mouvemments Europ=E9ens.

Un semblant de site est disponible pour plus de renseignements:




Il est en construction, mais donnera les

< >status et les

motivations du Calumet. * CIRC Pro :

<> * Le

Calumet de la Paix:

<> *

* Ligne Blanche: <> *

MADRID, Spain. Madrid Association for Cannabis Studies.

Tel/Fax (call first): 91530 33 64. email: <>

OSLO, Norway. In MMM in Oslo 6. may at least 1.500 persons participated. Unfortunately the March ended in

confrontations with the police and some of the more militantly minded. 12 demonstrators were arrested and 19

policemen were wounded. contact: freddie <> NORM(A)L Norway. Tel: 47 90

54 17 80. <> <>

PARIS, France. Personal address : GHEHIOUECHE FARId 5, rue de Tombouctou 75018

PARIS - FRANCE. Phone : ( not after 22 PM, paris hour) Mobile

: Fax :

PRAGUE, CZ Tel: +420-603-872631, +420-2-33355668, +420-603-228948 (Michail

Polack) <> 500-1000 people gathered (estimate is based on fact that over 500

signatures were collected for legalization of cannabis) on "Namesti Miru" square... People were smoking

marihuana publicly, police was just watching eventfrom distance. Three sound systems (techno, jungle,

house...)...Anarchists...used our permitted party to gather and hold some marihuana-legalization-unrelated

speeches, and then marched away... it confused media, which were trying to put those two events together... there

are also photos from Prague MMM available, check out

TRIER, Germany May, 4th, 4 p.m. MMM-Leglize-Rally starts at PORTA NIGRA c/o Rene Gorig

Rene <> Under leadership of local Greens, 150 toked up and marched thru the old city with

banners reading: "LEGALIZE!"

TURKU, Finland. risto mikkonen <>

First ever public pro-cannabis demonstration in Finland was a popular

and very peaceful happening...gathered 200-300 people to participate into a peaceful

and colourful demonstration through the center of Turku (160 000

inhabitants). The police was friendly and polite: when the crowd turned out to be too

big for the sidewalk the demonstration walked into the street and more

police forces come to stop the traffic. After the demonstration the

police let people go freely into the Vartiovuori park where there was a

peacefull smoke-in with music and ball games in warm sunshine.

Green Panthers :

Finnish Cannabis Association :

UTRECHT, Netherlands: the Highlife Hemp Fair 2000, from the 5th till the 7th of may. Highlife expects over a

hundred exhibitors who are active in different branches of the hemp-industry, in UTRECHT (the Netherlands) at

'de Vechtsebanen, Mississippidreef 151/161, from 11.00 till 19.00. <>

VIENNA/Austria Michi: <> or mike, armin, tom, sylvia, markus, helmut, hubsi, sabsi,

betty, stefan <>

ZAGREG, Croatia. "Sergio Stifanic"

<>, Galoviceva 10, 10000 Zagreb Croatia. ZAGREB (AP) Hundreds of Croatian

marchers lit marijuana joints in Zagreb'smain square Saturday as they joined a parade advocating the legalization of



TEL AVIV, Israel. Contact: Boaz Wachtel <>, Green Leaf Party. +972-5457-3679. 350 at

Parade & Picnic in Hayarkon Park.



MINDELO, Cape Verde. TBA.


AUCKLAND. We estimated a crowd attendance of 3-4000

over the day, with 1500-2000 there at the peak. Nandor Tanczos started the speeches. 4 tv stations. 6pm 150set off

to the Central Police Station. The desk sergeant informed us that no one had

been arrestedf.



Contact: National Organisation for the Reformof Marijuana Laws in New Zealand, 60 Queen Street, Auckland,

New Zealand. Mail: PO Box 3307, Shortland St, Auckland 1015. Ph +64 9 302-5255.

fax +64 9 303-1309 <><>


Presented by Christchurch branch of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. Contact or on

++64 3 389-4065 or see

DUNEDIN, NZ: rally at The Octagon, from 2pm. Presented by Dunedin branch of NORML NZ. Contact: or on 021 2954622 The Norml J-Day in the Octagon was a great success and

the biggest ever in Dunedin. Norml was in the Octagon

from 12.30 to 4.30 and attracted a cloud, sorry crowd,

of supporters that at its peak numbered around 250.

MELLOW MOMENT: These two supporters of moves to decriminalise cannabis were among about 100 who

joined a "J-Day" (Joint Day) rally at Victoria University on Saturday.

WELLINGTON J Day peaked at about 4-00pm with approx 500 people chilling on cookies, reggae and the

sweet smell of skunk. Michael Appleby delivered a rousing speech and Toni Jansen, co founder of

NORML was applauded for her efforts. Contact: or 025 377509


BELO HORIZONTE contact: Paulo Henrique de Matos Almeida address

Afonso Abreu & Silva 72, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - Brazil zip 30870-110

RIO, Brazil. TBA





Cannabis cities e mail list (extracted from above),,,,,,,,,,,,


Chris Wright <>
















From: "Ferry" <>

Subject: Poster 4e Legalize! streetrave 27 A'dam

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 14:03:35 +0200

X-Priority: 3



Help us if you can!

Please forward this flyer!





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*MMM 2000 email list. Worldwide cannabis rallies. On May 6, 2000. Around 100 cities. Pick digest mode if you

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Here's a panorama of last year's events-- (You could put this on the

"Historical view" section.