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A collection of resources for the study of ancient Greek history. These pages are designed primarily for members of Classics 371/History 391, offered in the fall of 1997 at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, USA. Visitors from the Internet community are welcome to use them as well, with appropriate regard for copyright and intellectual property. Students, this means you may not hand in one of the lectures from this page as your paper. If you learn something from the page, you can cite it in your paper using the URL. Users outside Reed should note that some images residing both on this and other servers and linked to these pages are restricted, and access may be denied.

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List of Panels and Panelists

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Potential IDs for Midterm

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Table of Prehistoric Chronology


Prehistoric Goddesses and New Age Archaeology

Historicity of the Trojan War

The Rediscovery of Writing

Hoplite Warfare and the Tyrants

The Foundation of Kyrene

Sacred Wars, Amphictionies, Panhellenism

Drakon and the Homicide Law

Solon's Dates & Legislation

Was Solonian Athens a Democracy?

The Purpose of the Cleisthenic Reforms

Panel Notes On Cleisthenes by Miriam 'M' Moore

Reading the Persepolis Frieze

The Origins of Ostracism

The Themistokles Decree

The Peace of Kallias

The Causes of the Peloponnesian War

The Plague at Athens

The Mutilation of the Herms

Could Athenian Women Own Property?

Slavery in Classical Greek Law and Society

The Royal Graves at Vergina

The Divinity of Alexander the Great


Archaeological Theory and Method

Neolithic at Franchthi Cave

The Early and Middle Bronze Age on Crete and the Mainland

The Late Bronze Age on Crete and the Mainland

The End of Mycenaean Civilization and the "Dark Age"


Archaic Spartan Institutions (notes)

Early Athenian Institutions

The Peloponnesian League

The Growth of Athenian Sea Power (notes)

The Hellenic League and the Delian League (notes)

The Battle of Thermopylae

The Athenian Empire, c. 465-440 (notes)

The Peace of Nikias (notes)

The Athenian Revolutions of 411/10 and 404/3 (notes)

Mainland Greece from 404-371 (notes)

The Rise of Macedon (notes)

Alexander the Great, 331-323

Most Useful Links

Jeremy Rutter's Aegean Prehistory Course

The Perseus Project

The Internet Classics Archive (Texts in Translation at MIT)

TOCS-IN Search

Gnomon Bibliographical Database Search

Diotima (Ancient Gender Studies)

BMCR Search

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Aristotelian Constitution of Athens (Ath. Pol.) 1-24

Xenophon's Hellenika

The Oxyrrhynchus Historian


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