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Tips: Enter only one keyword. If you enter more than one keyword, only ads that contain the exact phrase (as you entered it) will be returned as matches. Do not enter quotes, apostrophes, and other special characters. Use more specific terms when possible (e.g., Explorer rather than just Ford).

You will find that getting around the Classifieds section is easy and efficient, once you understand the navigation features.

Note the graphic below. It contains all of the graphic elements that you can use to move around within the Classifieds section and to jump to other sections of At the top of the graphic, you see a black bar that contains links to all the primary areas on No matter where you are, you can jump to any of these sections at any time using the links in this bar.

Below the black bar, you see the Classifieds heading graphic. You can return to this front page of the Classifieds section by clicking on this heading. Below the heading, you see a dark brown bar that contains a row of links to the major sections within Classifieds. Use these links to switch to another Classifieds section at any time. A small arrow below a section link indicates your current location.

In the Real Estate and Other sections, another bar appears below the brown bar that contains links to the secondary sections in these areas. In the example graphic, you see that there are three subsections in Real Estate: Houses, Rentals and Properties. Your current subsection location is indicated with a red highlight. Click on these links to move around in the subsections.

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