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What is Deepleap?

Deepleap is a new way to access all the content and services you like to use, all over the Web. It is a portable, customizable collection of tools you launch in a small window just by clicking a bookmark link in your browser. It's all Web-based, so you'll never have to download or upgrade anything, and you can always access your account from any computer.

After you've registered, the first thing you'll want to do is go to our tools page and customize Deepleap. We've got a variety of different tools for you, from quick access to your favorite search engine to utilities for sending any page text via email. You can customize each one to appear in your Deepleap window when and where you want it, or have your favorite tools to be available to you at all times. Thanks to our open plug-in structure and developer community our collection of tools is growing all the time. If you don't find the tool you want, it's easy to build it yourself and share it with our other users!

Now that your profile is all set up, continue surfing as usual! Whenever you want to access one of your Deepleap tools, just click the button on your browser toolbar and a smaller browser window will open to show a handful of options. First you'll see the "Quick" tab, a list of the tools that Deepleap thinks will be immediately relevant to you based on the page you are currently viewing in your main browser window. If you're looking at a shopping site, for example, you'll get options like our universal Wishlist, and links to price comparison and consumer information sites. Below the Quick tab, you'll see the Get, Send, and Save tabs. Within these little guys you'll find all the other tools you've selected in your profile, ready to be used.

One of the really nifty things about Deepleap is that you can select text on any Web site and do things with it. If you see something you're interested in, highlight the text with your mouse and launch Deepleap. The Quick tab will show you options relevant to your selection. We're expanding the range of things Deepleap will recognize, and you can always check out the full listing at

After you've used Deepleap for a while, you'll probably have a massive collection of Bookmarks, Notes, and Wishlist items. By default, you're the only person who can see them -- we promise we're not going to give away any of your information to anyone without your permission. However, if you want to make some or all of your stored information public so that your friends and family can see what you're doing (or buy you presents!) you can create a public view by selecting categories or individual items from your lists to share. It's quick and easy, and you don't even have to have a Web site of your own. You can also post a personal profile to our user directory so perhaps even random strangers will buy you presents!

Don't forget to check the Deepleap site often for news and updates, and to add more tools (or customize the ones you already have) to your account. We're constantly working to improve things and make your experience as useful and pleasant as possible. Thanks for using Deepleap!

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