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Know a little something about HTML? Maybe even a little bit about XML? That's what we like to hear around here. We've got something you're gonna love.

See, the great thing -- well, one of the many, many great things -- about Deepleap is that it's completely extensible and customizable. Which means that you, the developer, can take full advantage of the Deepleap platform. We've developed a relatively easy, XML-based plug-in system that allows you to connect the data you've sent to Deepleap to any or all of your favorite Web services. Heck, you can even connect our application to your own database, and return information from your own site directly through the Deepleap app!

It's roll-your-own Deepleap, and then share it with your friends. Because although you have the option to keep the plug-ins you've built private, you can also request that they be made public to the world -- will full attribution and recognition of the creator, of course. We're all about sharing.

So if the thought of hacking away at Deepleap excites you, head on over and take a look at our developer information on our developer site,

We've also got a nifty metainfo feature, which you, as the maintainer of a commercial or personal site can use to enable the Deepleap Metainfo panel to work with your site. A few simple steps, and every Deepleap user can easily navigate through your information.

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