New Economics Papers


NEP is an announcement service which filters information on new additions to RePEc into edited reports. These reports are generated by subject-specific editors and are circulated via email. The goal is to provide subscribers with up-to-date information on new additions to the research literature. The current set of reports includes:

NEP codeTitle JEL corresponding editor
nep-all All new papers John S. Irons
nep-agr Agricultural Economics Angelo Zago
nep-ann NEP Announcements, New Reports John S. Irons
nep-cdm Collective Decision-MakingD7 K.J. Bernhard Neumärker
nep-cfn Corporate Finance Evgenia Stupina
nep-cmp Computational Economics Nienke Oomes
nep-dcm Discrete Choice Models Philip Yu
nep-dev Development Jeong-Joon Lee
nep-dge Dynamic General Equilibrium Christian Zimmermann
nep-ecm Econometrics Sune Karlsson
nep-edu Education Rafael Lalive
nep-ets Econometrics: Time Series Yong Yin
nep-eff Efficiency and Productivity Angelo Zago
nep-ene Energy Economics Roger Fouquet
nep-env Environmental Economics Francisco S. Ramos
nep-eec European Economics Marco Catenaro
nep-evo Evolutionary Economics Murat Yildizoglu
nep-exp Experimental Economics Reinhard Sippel
nep-his Economic History Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
nep-hpe History and Philosophy of Economics Nienke Oomes
nep-fin Finance Konstantina Ifanti
nep-fmk Financial Markets Erik Schloegl
nep-gth Game Theory Francisco Moraiz
nep-hea Health Economics Yong Yin
nep-ias Insurance Economics Ruud H. Koning
nep-ifn International Finance Yi-Nung Yang
nep-ind Industrial Organization Bernardo Batiz-Lazo
nep-ino Innovation Alex Roy
nep-lab Labor Economcis Stephanie Lluis
nep-law Law and Economics Jeong-Joon Lee
nep-ltv Unemployment Bruno Soares
nep-mic Microeconomics Reinhard Sippel
nep-mon Monetary Economics Bernd Hayo
nep-net Network Economics Yi-Nung Yang
nep-pol Positive Political Economy John S. Irons
nep-pke Post Keynesian Economics Karl Patrick
nep-pbe Public Economics John S. Irons
nep-pub Public Finance K.J. Bernhard Neumärker
nep-reg Regulation Eduardo Mendoza
nep-spo Sports and Economics Ruud H. Koning
nep-tid Technology and Industry Dynamics Murat Yildizoglu

The coverage of the reports is not necessarily mutually exclusive nor exhaustive; in some cases there may be significant overlap in the papers included in the reports. The NEP-ann list will announce new reports and general news about the service.

Each report is edited by an individual or an editorial board. You should contact the corresponding editor if you have questions about the scope of the report. In general, the reports only contain announcements of papers; however, conference announcements and other professional information may also be distributed subject to the approval of the editor(s). Only members of the editorial board of each report series may mail the list. The lists are not meant for discussion.

Subscription Instructions

When you subscribe to a NEP report you will receive on average three emails every month. These emails contain the basic information about new papers in your research field. In order to get the full document you only have to double click the URL provided in the report.

To subscribe to a report with the report code NEP-xxx, send an email with "join NEP-xxx YourFirstName YourLastName" in the body of the message to You may subscribe to as many lists as you wish.

example mail to:
join NEP-pol Adam Smith
join NEP-all Adam Smith

To unsubscribe from a report, send an email with the body "leave NEP-xxx" to

Contributing to NEP

If you wish to open a new report, email John S. Irons <>. There is an internal mailing lists where editors discuss matters of common concern.

We are currently looking for editors in the following areas:
NEP-int International Econonics,
NEP-res Resource Economics,
NEP-dem Demographics.

The Editors

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo Open University
Josep M Camacho Cabiscol University of Lleida, Spain
Marco Catenaro University of Surrey
Giuseppe Fontana Leeds University Business School
Roger Fouquet Imperial College
Rafael Lalive University of Zurich
Bernd Hayo University of Bonn
Konstantina Ifanti University of Patras
John S. Irons Amherst College
Sune Karlsson Stockholm School of Economics
Ruud H. Koning University of Groningen
Jeong-Joon Lee Stanford University
Stephanie Lluis University of Montreal
Eduardo Mendoza University of Surrey
Francisco Moraiz University of Surrey
K.J. Bernhard Neumärker Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Nienke Oomes University of Wisconsin
Karl Patrick Leeds Metropolitain University
Francisco S. Ramos Federal University of Pernambuco
Alex Roy The University of Manchester & UMIST
Erik Schloegl School of Mathematical Sciences University of Technology, Sydney
Reinhard Sippel Universität Bonn
Bruno Soares IPEA
Evgenia Stupina Imperial College
Yi-Nung Yang Chung Yuan Christian University
Murat Yildizoglu Université Louis Pasteur
Yong Yin SUNY at Buffalo
Philip Yu Hong Kong University
Angelo Zago Università degli Studi di Verona
Christian Zimmermann Université du Quebec at Montréal

Making papers available for inclusion in a report

Data about papers are collected automatically from fully operational RePEc archives and distributed to NEP Editors. If your paper is included in one of these archives it will be made available to NEP editors for possible inclusion.

If you have a working paper which will not appear in a supported RePEc working paper series, but would like the paper to be available for inclusion in NEP reports, you have two options.

First, you can encourage your institution to register with RePEc to become a RePEc archive. A step-by-step instructions for creating such an archive can be found at

Second, you can make the paper available at Bob Parks' Economics Working Paper Archive. He includes his holdings in a RePEc archive.

If you wish to make your colleagues aware of NEP, please give them the URL of this page, or download a printed copy of this page. It is available as a PostScript file for A4 sized and letter sized paper.

NEP is committed to remaining a free service. Comments are welcome.

This NEP page and the NEP reports are currently maintained by John S. Irons <>

NEP was founded in 1998 by Thomas Krichel.