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The HoPEc project is a person orientated service, which aims to link existing data within the RePEc database. The search queries can be conducted in order to retrieve names of authors and their list of publications. The publications displayed are only those which are stored in our database and there is no guarantee that these publication lists are complete.

Through our steady contact to the economics community we are aware that interested researchers rely on up to date information in order to contact authors or find information about an authors workplace, homepage etc. The HoPEc Registration service targets these needs by providing a web based interface where any economists is welcome to register in order to provide this information. Please read the section Registration Process to find out more about it.


Searching for information in the database is easy. Simply type in the name of the Author or Editor and you will get a list of names which relate to your request. Select the appropriate entry and view the information. You get narrower search results when you select "exact match".

To start to search for authors, click on this link: [SEARCH]

As a sideproduct we developed a smart search engine to the workingpapers as well. Currently it is purely experimental and the service might be withdrawn anytime. The innovation about this search engine is, that it gives you feedback about the keywords it used to conduct your query, thus enabling you to do smarter searches.

To start to search for workingpapers, click on this link: [COOLSEARCH]

Registration Process:

RePEc is a very large dataset of economics working papers, journal articles and software libraries. Many documents are freely downloadable. HoPEc collects information about persons involved in the creation process of these documents. Registration provides each author/editor etc. with a unique identifier. Each person can then be uniquely addressed in the RePEc database. Practically this means that authors register using the HoPEc service and create associations from their personal information to the documents they wrote. You can find the link to register below.

With the registration we pursue these aims:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How can I submit new documents to the database?

All documents in the HoPEc database are as well included in RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), a large dataset of economic working papers, articles and software tools. In order to include working papers it is recommended that you open an archive. All this is explained in a participation document, which we recommend to read.

I have registered but the search results show me more than once?

This is normal behaviour. The registration aims to give interested parties an access point where they can find all information which is related you. Older entries are nor erased because they might contain information which you have not entered, or even newer information when you do not update your information regularily.

I have requested a confirmation number but did never receive the promised email in order to confirm my registration.

The most common cause for this, is that you have not entered your email correctly. Please contact the admin and give information about your last name, first name and the date you entered. We will confirm your information and change the email address to its correct value.

Comments or feedback, mailto:<HoPEc project> (maintained by Markus Klink)