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Version 4 is here!
Surf the web. Serve HTML pages. Extend the OS - on the fly ...

Both the network and the modem versions of the 1.44M QNX Demo 4.0 are now available for download!

Create your own demo

All you need is a 1.44M floppy! Just insert your disk, click on "Create a demo," and follow instructions.

Once you've downloaded the 1.44M QNX Demo, you can:

  • Surf the web - Use your IP address to connect, and get ready to surf!
  • Generate dynamic HTML - Even diskless systems can generate HTML pages in real time.
  • Extend the OS - Download drivers on the fly - without rebooting.

How did we do it?

Creating a powerful operating environment in a tiny footprint was easy. Why? QNX's modular UPM architecture.

What you can build

Companies around the world are using QNX technology to build everything from consumer appliances to automotive systems. Find out more in our Real World applications.


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