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The Latest News

Welcome to the new location of WL!

The links in the What's New section have been divided into two sections to shorten the time from the submission to posting. The links in the Recently Added section will be posted the same week they have been brought to my attention.

Since May 10th, the list has been hosted on this new server. Note the new URL of the list.

The list is in the course of a major revision which I hope to bring to completion within the next several weeks or months. I am working on a new design. Make sure that you reload these pages frequently. They are changing at a greater pace than before. However, these changes are still within the old design, being only a preparation of sorts for the new design.

This site has been noted not only by the visitors to these pages, but also by the online post of a renowned financial magazine Worth Online that features Waldemar's List among its selected Specialty Sites. Thank you folks at Worth Online!

It is also a pleasure to know that Waldemar's List has been nominated for a top ten trading site- see the banner on the accolades page. Thank you for your support!

On an amusing note, I have recently noticed that when you enter 'Waldemar' into one of the major search engines such as Infoseek or Google what pops out on the top of the list of sites related to this name is the link to these pages. Even the link to the Encyclopedia.com's Danish kings that bore the same name places on the distant fourth position in the Google's output...

As always, I am open to your suggestions and welcome your comments.
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Last revised on August 13, 2000.