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A Healing and Martial Arts Publication
The Role of Intent in Tai Chi Chuan. By Vincent Chu.
Vincent Chu, of the “The Gin Soon Tai Chi Club”, writes on one of the most important aspects of Tai Chi Chuan practice: Intent.
Standing Post producer, Fernando Bernall, announces the development of the official site for Professor Cheng Man-Ching.

By Simon Becker
Chinese Herbal Medicine
By Simon Becker
To many Chinese Medicine practitioners, Pulse Diagnosis is a puzzle they can't solve. Find out why.
Cheng Hsin: The Principles of Effortless Power! By Peter Ralston
Peter RalstonIn this article, the reader gains an understanding of the underlying principles of Mr. Ralston's own blend of energetic techniques

The living Yoga of Cajzorna Ali

Posture four
In 1928 Cajzorna Ali published her book . Divine Postures Influence Upon the Endocrine Glands. .  Yoga practitioners will find her work inspiring.
  ______ Also in TSP ________
By Richard Mooney
Richard Mooney openly shares on the topic of Wayqi Liaofa Qi Gong as a healing art, and gives us a clearer understanding of the training methods employed in order to develop and emit internal energy with the intent to heal others.

Push-Hands: Tai Chi's Bridge to Hand to Hand Combat
Martial Arts veteran and Push-hands player, Fernando Bernall, expounds on Push-hands principles for combat.Push-hands match
John Scott and Fernando Bernall in a Push-Hands match in Baltimore, Maryland, 1998

Dachengquan: Great Achievement Boxing
This article by Karel Koskuba touches on the origin of Yi-Quan and gives insight into the life of the system's founder Wang XianZhai. It originally appeared in the 23rd issue of The Chinese Internal Arts Association Newsletter, and it is reprinted with the author's permission.

The Restorative Arts Of Japan By David Champ

Early morning ChiLel™ Qi Gong

Taught in the largest “drugless” hospital in the world and in the streets of Beijing, ChiLel™ Qi Gong has restored the health of millions
    Seeking innovative alternative cancer therapies? You need The Moss Reports...Click here. The Moss Reports - Your lighthouse to guide you through the stormy waters of cancer. Acupuncture, Gate Theory, and the Concept of Qi
By Fernando Bernall

An Approach Towards The Understanding Of Sticky Hands
Trevor Mitchell explains the Lee Family System's approach to Push-hands (I Fu Shou).
This article has been reprinted from The Lee Family Resource Centre, courtesy of Graham Barlow
Tiao lin
Dai Family Xinyiquan – The Origins and Development
This article by Jarek Szymanski, introduces the Dai Family style of Xinyiquan. This very rare martial art is practiced by very few people in one remote part of Shanxi Province. This article has been reprinted with the author's permission from his Web Site.

The following articles have been reprinted with permission from:

Bach Flower Notes Beech
Do you find yourself often upset by the inadequacy you see in others?
By Beth Adams Spencer, M.H., N.D.
Something insidious is happening to America's health. Most don't realize it, much less know how to stop it.
By Victoria Pate
Allergies are often indicated when behavioral or mood changes are frequent and extreme
By E.Newkirk,N.D.,L.P.N.,M.H.,C.N.H.P.

Grandmaster Wai Lun Choi
Introduction to Liu He Ba Fa's Grandmaster Wai Lun Choi

Auricular Acupuncture For
Drug Addiction

A Chinese Medicine practitioner shares his experience and views on this form of therapy for the treatment of drug abuse.
Health With Homeopathy
Kathleen Gareth, F.N.P., sheds light on some of the principles through which homeopathy restores one's health

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