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chant was updated on Friday, 2 June 2000


From Githzerai: A Perpetual Paradox, by the planewalker Barash Vah

"Few people speak of the Githzerai.

"I have heard greybeards, planewalkers, all kinds of folk speak and theorise endlessly about tieflings, aasimar, fiends, and almost any race from the Planes, but despite that, few speak of the githzerai.

"Those who know their chant will be quick to tell you that these sombre fellows are part of a conflict that reflects the Rule of Threes: they harbour an animosity for the vile illithids, and for the githyanki, a race related to their own.

"Histories of the Gith races show that their origins lie millenia in the past, as humans modified by their illithid masters, who later threw off the shackles of slavery and declared war on the mind flayers. However, somewhere along the line, these modified humans decided to go their separate ways; the Githyanki following their leader Gith into the Astral Plane, while the remainders called themselves the Githzerai and went into Limbo.

"If you ask any cutter, they'll tell you that the Githzerai are a chaotic race. Magic will more often than not confirm this. Before the Faction War, as I'm sure any Sigilian reader will know, the Xaositects themselves were led by a Githzerai.

"But something is amiss. The Githzerai do not appear to be chaotic; their dress is sober, in many cases their behaviour is insular, grim and scarcely wild enough for a being of Chaos. It is this paradox which I intend to investigate, and, if the reader will indulge me, I am confident that the truth concerning the Githzerai will be borne out."


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