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Chicago Small Schools Help Students Succeed says Bank Street College study - just released - Small Schools: Great Strides. This and more of the latest research can be found in the SSW Info Center - Go to RESEARCH.

Looking for Great Summer Reading? Now you can buy our recommended titles on education directly from our site! Browse our BOOKSHELF in the SSW Info Center, and don't miss A Simple Justice: The Challenge of Small Schools.

School Size and Safety - A collection of articles about why small schools are safer schools. Don't miss this and other media coverage of small schools located in the SSW Info Center - Go to MEDIA.

Interested in small schools and school restructuring?... Read what others are saying or join in the conversation: Smallschools Listserv!


Have You Submitted a Grant Application for the U.S. Dept. of Education's
Smaller Learning Communities Program?

Where can your high school or school district turn to get technical assistance and support for implementing your proposal? The answer is: RIGHT HERE!

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