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Hillary Clinton has a new challenger. Rep. Rick Lazio now has his party’s blessing to fight for the Senate seat in New York that Hillary has been very publicly and very actively pursing. The Senate Race of the Century was to be between the Clinton who is not president and ornery New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. But for health and personal reasons, Giuliani dropped out (never mind that he never formally declared his candidacy) and Lazio was quickly shoveled in by the GOP powers that be. They’ll be damned if another Clinton disgraces them by winning a highly visible election.
     Already, the new candidate has come out swinging. But the blows that are hitting closest to home for many New Yorkers, especially those who get randomly selected for the media’s many polls about the race, aren’t about Hillary’s liberalism. Nor are they about her husband. Nor are they about her record. They’re about something much more important, apparently.
     Quoted by USA Today, Lazio said, “I have one advantage she’ll never have: I can be myself. I am a New Yorker. For me, New York isn’t just a mailing address, it’s my home.”
     In other words, it’s all about geography.
     A little while back, Hillary moved to New York, not hiding the fact that she was there to run for the U.S. Senate. Period. It’s certainly not unheard of (Kennedy, ahem), but it is causing strife and has become a big issue in the race. This phenomenon is called “carpetbagging,” and it just sounds wretched. (Can’t you picture some hack politico carrying a large, ugly bag covered in bright orange shag carpeting? Who wants that?) And on a visceral level it seems even more despicable that someone would move to a state just to get elected to political office there.
     But why? Granted, if we were talking about mayor of a small town or a seat on an urban city council, that would be an issue — because people who govern small areas need to understand the intricacies and issues of that area. But we’re not. Both of these people want to be a senator. They want to sit in a room with 99 other people and argue and debate and vote on bills of national, not local, significance.
     So then why does the hometown or home state of a senator matter?
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