We want your suggestions for Best of Boston® 2000!

Although our reporting process is confidential, we enthusiastically welcome suggestions on a broad range of categories, from manicurist to margarita.

Here's how to nominate a company or service you deem worthy:

1) For starters, check out whether the category was included in past year's awards

While categories do change from year to year -- and we cannot guarantee that a particular subject matter will be included in 2000 -- this is a good general guideline for the types of suggestions to submit.

2) Fill in the box below explaining why your suggestion represents exemplary service or other best of breed qualifications.

3) If you are nominating your own company or service, we ask that you have a client send us a letter of recommendation -- but please do not exceed 1 or 2 letters. We become inundated with mail at this time of year!

4) If you would like to send supporting information/brochures, you may send them to the office c/o Boston Magazine, 300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston MA, 02115.

Suggestions are accepted until May 1, 2000 after that, sit tight and wait for our upcoming winners in the August issue. Our apologies if this means waiting months for, say, your next haircut.

The Editors


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