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Volume 14, No. 2 - Winter 1999-2000

So What Did You Buy At School Today?

SPECIAL REPORT: Teaching Students About Media, Advertising And Consumer Culture

SPECIAL REPORT: Vouchers and Religious Schools, By Priscilla Pardini

  • Vouchers: Church/State Complexities
    A look at the contradictions that arise when public dollars are given to private religious schools.
  • Legislation Calls for Access and Accountability
    Details of a Wisconsin bill that would make voucher schools comply with the same open-meetings and open-records requirements as public schools.
  • A Visit to a Religious Elementary School
    A close-up look at one religious school in Milwaukee that receives voucher funding, which advocates "integrating faith in Jesus Christ with the content and process of all learning."
  • Racial Breakdowns of Selected Public/Private Schools.
    A look at the numbers shows that many private schools in Milwaukee disproportionately serve white students.
  • Report Looks at Public and Private Schools
    A recent report says when policymakers assume private schools are better than public schools, they ignore lessons that could make all schools better.

SPECIAL REPORT: The National Education Summit, By Barbara Miner

  • Testing: Full Speed Ahead
    A report from the National Education Summit, where governors and CEOs met this fall to press standards, high-stakes tests, and 'rewards and consequences.'
  • The Jobs of Tomorrow
    A "reality check" on some of the statements in IBM chief Louis Gerstner, Jr.'s keynote speech to the National Education Summit.
  • National Summit: What Wasn't Said
    Look at what summit members failed to address, and their seamless little world of high-stakes tests and "holding schools accountable" begins to unravel.
What Do We Need To Know Now?
By Asa G. Hilliard III
A look at issues of "race," identity, and hegemony, and what they mean for education.
References for "What Do We Need To Know Now?"
By Asa G. Hilliard III
References and a select bibliography to accompany Hilliard's article, "What Do We Need To Know NOW?"
The Politics Of Biological Determinism
By Stephen Jay Gould
What argument against social change could be more effective than the claim that established orders exist as an accurate reflection of innate intellectual capacities? Thoughts condensed from Gould's introduction to the 1996 edition of his book, "The Mismeasure of Man."
My Daughter, Child #008458743
By Jeff Zorn
A parent reflects on his fourth-grade daughter and California's statewide testing.
Sweet Learning
By Linda Christensen
Why life's most important lessons are rarely taught in school.
Mi abuelita
By Alejandro Vidales
The first of two stories Linda Christensen discusses with students, as described in "Sweet Learning." The author reflects on his arrival in the United States at age 6 and how his grandmother has helped him learn what it means to be a "real man."
In My Father's Kitchen
By Laura Tourtillott
In the second of two stories mentioned in "Sweet Learning," the author recounts the life lessons she has learned as her father "makes magic" in their kitchen.

Diseases Laud Kansas Decision

A satiric look at the Kansas Board Of Education's decision to drop evolution from the state standards. The decision is applauded by one group sure to benefit: viral diseases happy to see fewer evolutionary biologists being prepared to go out there gunning for them.

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Good Stuff
Ed-Web-- Websides on Media Literacy and Advertising, By Bakari Chavanu
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