2000 Blue Cow Software.
Homer was an IRC client for the Macintosh, way back in 1993. It enjoyed some popular success for a few years, then suffered a period of long neglect for the past several years.

I've dredged up some of the old graphics recently and put together this little program, Homer 2000. Despite the grandiose-sounding title, it's really just a small subset of the original Homer, which wasn't all that full-featured to begin with. I've created this almost entirely just for nostalgia's sake, and to do a little programming on the Mac again.

H2K does have one interesting feature, which is a Tcl interpreter. For those of you who haven't heard of it, Tcl is a scripting language. You can learn more about it here.

Download Homer 2000 here: Homer 2000, version d8.

Once you've downloaded it, please check out the read me file, and if you're interested in Tcl scripting, check out the two sample scripts that are included. The "Ping Utilities" script is the more explanatory of the two.

Please let me know if you try H2K. I'd love to hear if anyone tries it out, and if so, what they think. I'm happy to add more features if I find there's an audience.

Homer 2000 is completely free.