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DIALOG, a service of The Dialog Corporation, has been serving users since 1972. With over 450 databases from a broad scope of disciplines, it is truly the one-stop service for all of your information needs.

Contained in the DIALOG information collection are millions of documents drawn from more sources than any other online service - from scientific and technical literature - from full-text trade journals, newspapers, and newswires. There's more too...details on millions of chemical substances, information on patents issued worldwide, demographic data, and company financial statistics. Compiled from the world's most respected and authoritative information sources, DIALOG databases can provide you instant answers from just one source.

Below is a numeric listing of the hundreds of databases on the DIALOG system. Each database reference has a hypertext link to a Bluesheet document containing the details of the database structure. Click the Bluesheet number or title to view the HTML version. From there you can also access a version in the Adobe® Acrobat® Portable Document Format (PDF). Hardcopy may also be ordered by sending your request by email to or by fax to 1-919-468-9890.


2INSPEC (1969-present)
3INSPEC (1969-1982)
4INSPEC (1983-present)
5BIOSIS Previews® (1969-present)
6NTIS - National Technical Information Service
7Social SciSearch®
8Ei Compendex®
9Business & Industry™
13Business & Management Practices®
14ISMEC: Mechanical Engineering Abstracts
16Gale Group PROMT® (1990 - present)
18Gale Group F&S; Index™
19Chemical Industry Notes (CIN)
20World Reporter
22Employee Benefits Infosource™
26Foundation Directory
27Foundation Grants Index
28Oceanic Abstracts
29Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts
31World Surface Coatings Abstracts™
32METADEX®: Metals Science
33Aluminium Industry Abstracts
34SciSearch® - a Cited Reference Science Database - 1990-
35Dissertation Abstracts Online
36Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
37Sociological Abstracts
38America: History and Life
39Historical Abstracts
41Pollution Abstracts
42Pharmaceutical News Index (PNI®)
43Health News Daily
44Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)
47Gale Group Magazine Database™
49PAIS International
51Food Science and Technology Abstracts
52TSCA Chemical Substances Inventory
53Foodline®: Food Science and Technology
54Foodline®: International Food Market Data
55BIOSIS Previews® (1993-present)
56ARTbibliographies Modern
59Foodline®: Current Food Legislation
61LISA (Library & Information Science Abstracts)
63Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS)
65Inside Conferences
66GPO Monthly Catalog
67World Textiles™
68Environmental Bibliography
70SEDBASE: Side Effects of Drugs (1996 Version)
71Elsevier Biobase
72EMBASE® (1993-present)
73EMBASE® (1974-present)
74International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
75Gale Group Management Contents®
76Life Sciences Collection
77Conference Papers Index
79Foods Adlibra™
80Gale Group Aerospace/Defense Markets & Technology®
86Mental Health Abstracts
87TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts)
88Gale Group Business A.R.T.S. SM
91Manual, Alternative and Natural Therapy™ (MANTIS™ )
92IHS International Standards and Specifications
94JICST-EPlus - Japanese Science & Technology
96FLUIDEX (Fluid Engineering Abstracts)
98General Science Abstracts/Fulltext
99Wilson Applied Science & Technology Abstracts
100Market Guide Company Financials
103Energy Science and Technology
105AESIS (Australia's Geoscience, Minerals, and Petroleum Database)
107Adis R&D; Insight
108Aerospace Database
109Nuclear Science Abstracts
111Gale Group National Newspaper Index™
112Miller Freeman Industry and Product News™
113European Research & Development Database
114Encyclopedia of Associations
115Research Centers and Services Directory
116Brands and Their Companies
117Water Resources Abstracts
118ICONDA - International Construction Database
119Textile Technology Digest
120U.S. Copyrights
121British Education Index
122Harvard Business Review
123CLAIMS®/Current Patent Legal Status
129Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry News Database (PHIND) - weekly
130Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry News Database (PHIND) - daily
132Standard & Poor's Daily News
133Standard & Poor's Corporate Descriptions plus News
137Book Review Index
140Unlisted Drugs
141Readers' Guide Abstracts Full Text
142Wilson Social Sciences Abstracts
143Wilson Biological & Agricultural Index
145(Tacoma) The News Tribune
146Washington Post Online
147The Kansas City Star
148Gale Group Trade & Industry Database™
149Gale Group Health & Wellness DatabaseSM
150Gale Group Legal Resource Index™
154MEDLINE® (1993-present)
155MEDLINE® (1966-present)
158DIOGENES® FDA Regulatory Updates
160Gale Group PROMT® (1972-1989)
161Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSHTIC®)
164Allied and Complementary Medicine™
166GPO Publications Reference File
167Medical Device Register
168Healthcare Organizations
169Insurance Periodicals Index
171Criminal Justice Periodicals Index
172EMBASE® Alert
173Adis LMS Drug Alerts
175Quotations Database
176ONTAP® Art Literature International (RILA)
177Advertiser and Agency Red Books™ : Advertisers
178Advertiser and Agency Red Books™ : Agencies
179Architecture Database
180Federal Register
185Zoological Record Online®
187F-D-C Reports
188Health Devices Sourcebook®
189NDA Pipeline: New Drugs
190The Bibliography of the History of Art®
191Art Literature International (RILA)
192Industry Trends and Analysis
194Commerce Business Daily
195Commerce Business Daily
198Health Devices Alerts®
202Information Science Abstracts
203AGRIS International
204ONTAP® CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts®
205ONTAP® BIOSIS Previews®
206ONTAP® NTIS - National Technical Information Service
207ONTAP® Social SciSearch®
208ONTAP® Ei Compendex®
211Gale Group Newsearch™
214Peterson's College Database
216ONTAP® Gale Group PROMT®
220CLAIMS®/Citation (1790-1946)
221CLAIMS®/Citation (1947-1970)
222CLAIMS®/Citation (1971-present)
226TRADEMARKSCAN® - U.S. Federal
227TRADEMARKSCAN® - Community Trademarks (CTM)
229Drug Information Fulltext
230Gale Directory of Online, Portable, and Internet Databases
232Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts
233Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts™
234Marquis Who's Who®
236Bowker Biographical Directory
238Abstracts in New Technologies and Engineering (ANTE)
241Electric Power Database
242CLAIMS®/Compound Registry
247ONTAP® Gale Group Magazine Database™
248PIRA (Packaging, Paper, Printing and Publishing, Imaging and Nonwovens Abstracts)
251ONTAP® Food Science and Technology Abstracts
252Packaging Science and Technology Abstracts (1982-1998)
253ONTAP® INPADOC/Family and Legal Status
255ONTAP® Arts & Humanities Search®
256SoftBase: Reviews, Companies, and Products
257API EnCompass™ : News
258AP News (January 2000 to present)
261UPI News (June 1999-present)
262Canadian Business and Current Affairs Fulltext
264DIALOG Defense Newsletters
266Federal Research in Progress (FEDRIP)
267DIALOG Finance & Banking Newsletters
268Banking Information Source
269Materials Business File™
273Peterson's GradLine
274ONTAP® International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
275Gale Group Computer Database™
276ONTAP® D&B; - Dun's Market Identifiers®
277ONTAP® Investext®
278MicroComputer Software Guide OnLine™
279ONTAP® CLAIMS®/U.S. Patents
280ONTAP® Derwent World Patents Index
281ONTAP® Gale Group Marketing & Advertising Reference Service®
282ONTAP® Aerospace Database
285BioBusiness® (1985-1998)
286BioCommerce Abstracts and Directory
287Biography Master Index
289ONTAP® DMS/FI Contract Awards
293Engineered Materials Abstracts®
294ONTAP® SciSearch® - a Cited Reference Science Database
295World Translations Index (1979-1997)
297Bible (King James Version)
299Magill's Survey of Cinema
303Chapman and Hall Chemical Database
304The Merck Index OnlineSM
305Analytical Abstracts
306Pesticide Fact File
307Dictionary of Substances and Their Effects (DOSE)
308CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1967-1971)
309CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1972-1976)
310CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1977-1981)
311CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1982-1986)
312CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1987-1991)
313CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1992-1996)
314CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1997- present)
315Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts
317Chemical Safety Newsbase
318Chem-Intell Chemical Manufacturing Plants
319Chemical Business NewsBase
321PLASPEC™ Materials Selection Database
322Polymer Online
323RAPRA: Rubber and Plastics
325Thomson Risk Management Directory™
332Material Safety Data Sheets - OHS™
333Material Safety Summary Sheets - OHS™
334Material Safety Label Data - OHS™
335Ceramic Abstracts
336Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS®)
337CHEMTOX® Online
340CLAIMS®/U.S. Patents
342Derwent Patents Citation Index
344Chinese Patent Abstracts in English
345INPADOC/Family and Legal Status
347JAPIO - Patent Abstracts of Japan
348European Patents Fulltext
349WIPO/PCT Patents Fulltext
350Derwent World Patents Index Extension
351Derwent World Patents Index
352Derwent World Patents Index (for users in Japan)
357Derwent Biotechnology Abstracts
358Current Biotechnology Abstracts
359Chemical Economics Handbook
360Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP)
363Directory of Chemical Producers - Products
364Directory of Chemical Producers - Companies
369New Scientist
371French Patents
375Derwent Drug Registry File
376Derwent Drug File (1964-1982)
377Derwent Drug File (1983-present)
382Baton Rouge Advocate
385ONTAP® Analytical Abstracts
387Denver Post
388PEDS: Defense Program Summaries
389ONTAP® Beilstein Online
390Beilstein Online
392Boston Herald
397Las Vegas Review-Journal
399CA SEARCH® - Chemical Abstracts® (1967- present)
410Chronolog® Newsletter™
413DIALOG Product Code Finder™
414DIALOG Journal Name Finder™
415DIALOG Bluesheets™
416DIALOG Company Name Finder™
421REMARC pre-1900 and n.d.
422REMARC 1900-1939
423REMARC 1940-1959
424REMARC 1960-1969
425REMARC 1970-1980
426LC MARC - Books
427Fort Worth Star-Telegram
428Adis Newsletters - Current
429Adis Newsletters - Archive
430British Books in Print
431MediConf: Medical Conferences and Events
432Tampa Tribune
433Charleston Newspapers
434SciSearch® - a Cited Reference Science Database - 1974-1989
435Art Abstracts
436Wilson Humanities Abstracts Full Text
437Education Abstracts
438Library Literature
439Arts & Humanities Search®
440Current Contents Search®
441ESPICOM Pharmaceutical & Medical Device News
442American Medical Association Journals
443IMSworld Pharmaceutical Company Directory
444New England Journal of Medicine
445IMSworld R&D; Focus
446IMSworld Product Launches
447IMSworld Patents International
449IMSworld Pharmaceutical Company Profiles
450Publishers, Distributors, & Wholesalers of the U.S.™
452Prous Science Drug Data Report
453Prous Science Drugs of the Future™
455Prous Science Drug News & Perspectives
457The Lancet®
458Prous Science Daily Essentials - Daily
459Prous Science Daily Essentials - Weekly
460American Library Directory
461USP DI® Volume I, Drug Information for the Health Care Professional
464USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names
465Incidence and Prevalence Database (IPD)
466Info Latino America
468Public Opinion Online (POLL)
469Gale Database of Publications and Broadcast Media
470Books in Print®
471New York Times® - Fulltext (90 Days)
472New York Times® - Fulltext
473Financial Times Abstracts
474New York Times Abstracts
475Wall Street Journal Abstracts
477The Irish Times
479Gale Group Company Intelligence®
480Ulrich's™ International Periodicals Directory
481Delphes European Business
483Newspaper Abstracts Daily
484Periodical Abstracts PlusText™
485Accounting & Tax Database
486(Long Beach) Press-Telegram
487Columbus (Georgia) Ledger-Enquirer
488Duluth News-Tribune
489(Fort Wayne) The News-Sentinel
490Tallahassee Democrat
491CanCorp Canadian Financials
492(Phoenix) The Arizona Republic/The Phoenix Gazette
494St. Louis Post-Dispatch
496The Sacramento Bee
497(Fort Lauderdale) Sun-Sentinel
498Detroit Free Press
500Extel International Financial Cards
501Extel International News Cards
502Teikoku Databank: Japanese Companies
503ACNielsen Market Statistics/Canada
505Asian Company Profiles
508Fuji-Keizai Market Research
510ESPICOM Pharmaceutical and Medical Company Profiles
511ESPICOM Country Health Care Reports
512ESPICOM Telecommunications/Power Reports
513Directory of Corporate Affiliations
514DIALOG Investment Research Index
515D&B; - Dun's Electronic Business Directory™
516D&B; - Dun's Market Identifiers®
518D&B; - International Dun's Market Identifiers®
519D&B; - Dun's Financial Records Plus™
520D&B; - Canadian Dun's Market Identifiers®
521D&B; - European Dun's Market Identifiers®
522D&B; - Who Owns Whom
523D&B; European Financial RecordsSM
526Standard & Poor's Register - Biographical
527Standard & Poor's Register - Corporate
531American Business Directory
532Bangor Daily News
533Canadian Business Directory
534EdgarPlus™ Index
535Thomas Register Online®
536(Gary) Post-Tribune
538(Boca Raton) The News
539Macon Telegraph
540TFSD Ownership Database
541SEC Online™ - Annual Reports
542SEC Online™ - 10-K and 20-F Reports
543SEC Online™ - 10-Q Reports
544SEC Online™ - Proxy Reports
546MG Financial/Stock Statistics
547Experian Business Credit Profiles
548M&A; Filings
549Insider Trading Monitor
550TFSD Initial Public Offerings
551TFSD Worldwide Mergers & Acquisitions
553Wilson Business Abstracts Full Text
554TFSD Joint Ventures & Alliances
555Moody's® Corporate Profiles
556Moody's® Corporate News - U.S.
557Moody's® Corporate News - International
559CorpTech® Directory of Technology Companies
560Spokane Spokesman-Review
561ICC British Company Directory
562ICC British Company Financial Datasheets
563Key Note Market Research
564ICC British Company Annual Reports
565EconBase: Time Series and Forecasts
566Euromonitor Market Research Journals
567Snapshots International Market Research
568Asian Business Intelligence Reports
569Decision Resources Pharmaceutical Industry Reports
570Gale Group Marketing & Advertising Reference Service®
571PIERS Exports (U.S. Ports)
572PIERS Exports (Mexico)
573PIERS Imports (U.S. Ports)
574PIERS Imports (Mexico)
576Aberdeen American News
577Roanoke Times
581Population Demographics™
582Augusta (GA) Chronicle
583Gale Group Globalbase™
584Kompass USA
585Kompass Middle East/Africa/Mediterranean
586Kompass Latin America
587Jane's Defense & Aerospace News/Analysis
588DMS/FI Contract Awards
589FI Defense Market Intelligence Reports
590Kompass Western Europe
591Kompass UK
592Kompass Asia/Pacific
593Kompass Central/Eastern Europe
594Kompass Canada
600Early Edition™ - U.S.
601Early Edition™ - Canada
603Newspaper Abstracts
604Gannett News Service
605U.S. Newswire (May 1999-present)
606Africa News (June 1999-present)
607ITAR/TASS News (June 1999-present)
608Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
609Bridge World Markets News
610Business Wire (Mar 1999-present)
612Japan Economic NewswireSM Plus
613PR Newswire (May 1999-present)
614Agence France-Presse English Wire
615Agence France-Presse International French Wire
616Canada NewsWire
617South American Business Information
618Xinhua News (June 1999-present)
619Asia Intelligence Wire
620EIU: ViewsWire
621Gale Group New Product Announcements/Plus®
623Business Week
624The McGraw-Hill Companies Publications Online
625American Banker Financial Publications
626Bond Buyer Full Text
627EIU: Country Analysis
628EIU: Country Risk and Forecasts
629EIU: Business Newsletters
630Los Angeles Times
631The Boston Globe
632Chicago Tribune
633The Philadelphia Inquirer
634San Jose Mercury News
635Business Dateline®
636Gale Group Newsletter Database™
637The Journal of Commerce
638Newsday and New York Newsday
639The Houston Post
640San Francisco Chronicle
641Denver Rocky Mountain News
642The Charlotte Observer
643Grand Forks Herald
644(Boulder) Daily Camera
645Contra Costa Papers
646Consumer Reports
647CMP Computer Fulltext
648TV & Radio Transcripts Daily
649Gale Group Newswire ASAP™
652U.S. Patents Fulltext (1971-1979)
653U.S. Patents Fulltext (1980-1989)
654U.S. Patents Fulltext (1990-present)
660Federal News Service
661TRADEMARKSCAN® - Switzerland
665U.S. Newswire (1995-Apr 1999)
667ITAR/TASS News (1996-May 1999)
671TRADEMARKSCAN® - International Register (WIPO)
674Computer News Fulltext
677TRADEMARKSCAN® - Liechtenstein
683Omaha World-Herald
684Bradenton Herald
696DIALOG Telecommunications Newsletters
701St. Paul Pioneer Press
702The Miami Herald
703USA Today
704(Portland) The Oregonian
705The Orlando Sentinel
706(New Orleans) The Times-Picayune
707The Seattle Times
708(Akron) Beacon Journal
709Richmond Times-Dispatch
710Times/Sunday Times (London)
711Independent (London)
712The Palm Beach Post
713The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution
714(Baltimore) The Sun
715The Christian Science Monitor
716(Los Angeles) Daily News
717The Washington Times
718Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
719(Albany) The Times Union
720(Columbia) The State
721Lexington Herald-Leader
722The Cincinnati Post/The Kentucky Post
723The Wichita Eagle
724(Minneapolis) Star Tribune
725(Cleveland) The Plain Dealer
726South China Morning Post
727Canadian Newspapers
728Asia-Pacific News
731The Philadelphia Daily News
732San Francisco Examiner
733The Buffalo News
734Dayton Daily News
735St. Petersburg Times
736Seattle Post-Intelligencer
737Anchorage Daily News
738(Allentown) The Morning Call
739The Fresno Bee
740(Memphis) The Commercial Appeal
741(Norfolk) The Ledger-Star/The Virginian-Pilot
742(Madison) The Capital Times/Wisconsin State Journal
743(New Jersey) The Record
744(Biloxi) Sun Herald
747(Newport News) Daily Press
748Asia-Pacific Business Journals
749Latin American News
750Emerging Markets and Middle East News
754IPO Maven
755New Zealand Papers
758Asia-Pacific Directory
760Euromonitor Strategy
761Datamonitor Market Research
762Euromonitor Market Research
763Freedonia Market Research
764BCC Market Research
765Frost & Sullivan Market Intelligence
766Kalorama Information Market Research
767Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering
768EIU Market Research
770Beverage Marketing Research Reports
773EdgarPlus™ - Williams Act Filings
774EdgarPlus™ - Prospectuses
775EdgarPlus™ - Registration Statements
776EdgarPlus™ - 6-K, 8-K, and 10-C Filings
777EdgarPlus™ - Annual Reports
778EdgarPlus™ - 10-K and 20-F Filings
779EdgarPlus™ - 10-Q Filings
780EdgarPlus™ - Proxy Statements
781ProQuest Newsstand™
788(Myrtle Beach) The Sun News
790Tax Notes Today
791State Tax Today
792Worldwide Tax Daily
793Court Filings
802ONTAP® The Boston Globe
803ONTAP® Energy Science and Technology
804ONTAP® Chemical Economics Handbook
805ONTAP® Gale Group Computer Database™
806Africa News (1996-May 1999)
807ONTAP® TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts)
809Bridge World Markets News
810Business Wire (1986-Feb 1999)
813PR Newswire (1987-Apr 1999)
814Agence France-Presse English Wire
816Canada NewsWire
817South American Business Information
818Xinhua News (1996-May 1999)
832ONTAP® METADEX®: Metals Science
840PAPERCHEM - subscribers
858AP News (July 1984 through December 1999)
861UPI News (1996-May 1999)
897API EnCompass™ : News - subscribers
907Adis R&D; Insight - subscribers
911Derwent Drug Registry File - subscribers
912Derwent Drug File (1983-present) - subscribers
913Derwent Drug File (1964-1982) - subscribers
927Electric Power Database
928Pharmaprojects - subscribers
929Albuquerque Newspapers
943IMSworld Pharmaceutical Company Directory - subscribers
947IMSworld Patents International - subscribers
953APIPAT® - subscribers
954APILIT® - subscribers
955IMSworld R&D; Focus - subscribers
957F-D-C Reports-Current
959Chemical Economics Handbook - subscribers
960Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP) - subscribers
973Adis LMS Drug Alerts - subscribers
976IMSworld Product Launches - subscribers
979Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
980Sarasota Herald-Tribune
984IMSworld Pharmaceutical Company Profiles - subscribers
986TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts) - subscribers
987TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts) - subscribers
989NDA Pipeline: New Drugs - subscribers

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