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   Press Release

EMBARGOED - Release date: June 15, 2000


LOS ANGELES, CA - June 15, 2000 - Jennifer Seiler, a 17-year-old senior at Hayfield Secondary School in Fairfax County, Virginia has been chosen the recipient of the 2000 Young Scientist of the Year Award by, a leading Internet authority in physics and astronomy education.

Jennifer's project on The Acoustic Thermometry of Sea Water was chosen the best in the extracurricular competition which included entries from both the US and Canada.

For her project, Jennifer was inspired by the NOAA's Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climates program designed to estimate global warming due to the greenhouse effect and the average temperature of the oceans by measuring the speed of sound in water. She built an apparatus to simulate NOAA's experiment and determine how temperature, salinity and pressure of water affect the speed of sound.

In addition to a prestigious title, as this year's winner, Jennifer will receive the Orion SkyQuest telescope provided by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. She will also receive science books package courtesy and software provided by Wolfram Research, Inc., Microcal Software, Inc. and JC Research, Inc.'s Young Scientist of the Year Award was established to recognize, encourage, and foster talented high-school students in physics and engineering. The award is custom designed each year to fit the specific needs and aspirations of every winner.

"With the Young Scientist award, offers unique opportunities for motivated, science-oriented high-school students who demonstrate exceptional ability and desire for learning. We ask students to include their interests and wishes along with their technical submission so as to be able to custom-design every award to the specific student," says Anton Skorucak, President and creator of

"Jennifer's wish was to further her interests in astronomy and cosmology, so we arranged that she wins the ORION SkyQuest telescope."

"USC's Physics and Astronomy Department is excited to be able to sponsor's Young Scientist of the Year Award. Jennifer's curiosity regarding the acoustic thermometry project and creativity in developing an experimental test of the project is exactly the kind of interest we like to encourage in young science students. With her expressed interest in astronomy, this telescope will be yet another tool for Jennifer to use in her explorations," says Ty Buxman, Director of Undergraduate Affairs, Department of Physics and Astronomy, USC.

Companies and universities interested in supporting this scientific achievement award next year should contact directly at

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