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Everything you wanted to know about your favourite soap

Angie Watts What happened to Anita Dobson and the two records that made the charts, Every Loser Wins and Something Outta Nothing?

... asks Robert Kelly
As Angie Watts, landlady of the Queen Vic, Anita Dobson reigned supreme for more than three years. When Angie walked out on Dirty Den on Christmas Day 1986, EastEnders achieved one of the highest television audiences ever, with over 30 million viewers. She became such a phenomenon that when Anita announced she was leaving in 1988, it made the BBC Six O'Clock News.

Earlier this year, Anita played Donna Slaney, mother of Louise (played by Amanda Holden) in the BBC drama series Hearts And Bones. She has also had roles in feature films The Tichborne Claimant and The Revengers' Comedies, as well as BBC-tv's Sunburn. Most recently, she has been reunited with Leslie Grantham in the tv series The Stretch, which is currently in production.

Anita was the first actress from Albert Square to make it into the charts with the EastEnders theme, Anyone Can Fall In Love. It made number one and was in the charts for nine weeks in 1986. The same year Nick Berry, who played Simon Wicks, capitalised on his heart-throb status with the number one hit, Every Loser Wins (which was in the charts for 11 weeks). Less successfully, Something Outta Nothing was seven weeks in the charts in 1986, reaching number 12. It was performed by The Banned, whose members included Letitia Dean (Sharon Mitchell), Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) and Paul Medford (Kelvin Carpenter).

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