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Roger Crew

is a researcher in the Advanced Programming Languages Group at Microsoft Research

Up until September 1999, I was in the Semantics-Based Tools Group and likewise back when everything was the Program Analysis Group.

Research interests

These include programming languages, formal semantics thereof, program analysis, verification and transformations, macro systems, collaborative and adversarial programming, concurrency, and other issues about programming environments in general.

Prior work includes that on the AST Toolkit and the ASTLOG query language, the VDG program representation, and a syntactic macro system for C. For details (particularly those for which no one has gotten around to describing on web pages), I'll point you to my publications.

Academic Background

Roger Crew <>, <>

Microsoft Research
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Voice: +1 (425) 936-2436
FAX: +1 (425) 936-7329