Tuesday, August 15, 2000

New DXG editor in the works...

I'm currently working on a new dxgEditor for DelphiX that will be open source and (hopefully) will include ZLIB compression for DXGs. This will make a new DXZ format for LZW compressed DXG files. Here's a screenshot...

[ Michael Wilson | 8/15/2000 12:49:41 PM ]

DelphiGames eGroup

I just changed all the DelphiGames eGroups references from the old turbo URL to the new URL which is http://turbo.gamedev.net

For those who don't know turbo is still the home page of this eGroup -- until I'm voted out ;) Do you wan't daily DelphGames gab in your inbox? Just drop a line to delphigames-subscribe@eGroups.com.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/15/2000 12:11:19 PM ]

Friday, August 11, 2000

Torry's paused...

You'll have to find your new comps elsewhere for a while...

Since 10 August we stoped Torry's updates (I wanted to do this 8 August, but...), because I need to finish several projects before my vacations begins (they starts from 12 August). I will be in Novgorod up to 20-21 August. Then we will return's back to normal life (if it could be called "normal"). I'll be back 25-28 August.

The full site is still open. Go check Torry out.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/11/2000 9:48:51 AM ]

TAVIWriter v.1.0

TAVIWriter v.1.0 is a non-visual component to create AVI files. Allows a single video stream created from an unlimited number of bitmaps, and a single audio stream from a WAV file.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/11/2000 9:47:39 AM ]

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Newbie DelphiX Site

Blaise Bernier wrote in about a new DelphiX site for newbies called the DelphiX Palace...

My name is Blaise Bernier, and my site can be usefull for the newbies with DelphiX. I have 3 tutorials, and some files to download. I've also made a tool for DelphiX : SpriteRotator who can rotate sprites (top-down view only) and save it in a single bitmap. My site is in french. If it's interesting, please, add my site to your list!

[ Michael Wilson | 8/9/2000 1:53:42 PM ]

New flipCode Coding Contest

It's online and has a cool prize. Let's get some cool Delphi/Builder entries in this one...

flipCode's late summer coding contest is now online! The rules have changed a bit, so be sure to read the contest page for the complete set of rules. The topic this time around is "Lights & Shadows", and the deadline is September 30th, 2000.

But what about the prizes you ask? How about copies of Unreal Tournament, autographed by the development team! That's right, thanks to the awesome folks over at Epic Games, we're offering the contest winners signed copies of this incredible game! And while we're at it, I'll throw in a few ever-so-stylish flipCode t-shirts as icing on the cake! Sound awesome? It is! Check out the new coding contest right here!

[ Michael Wilson | 8/9/2000 12:02:38 PM ]

WrapX 0.41

Christian Iversen, the author of WrapX wrote in about a bug fix release...

This is just to inform you that WrapX 0.41 has just been released. It should solve all the Delphi 4 problems that has been reported, and it adds a great new Logging system at the same time. WrapX project can now automatically create logfiles (WrapX.Log), that can tell me about errors in the application, and will help me trace bugs.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/9/2000 11:54:13 AM ]

Monday, August 7, 2000

Borland bounces back in style...

Borland bounces back in style is a little article that The Register posted a few days ago.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/7/2000 4:13:48 PM ]

MP3 Article

A new article was posted at SXMedia. It called Playing MP3's using IMediaControl and Delphi 4/5. One other point to note is that you will need the Direct Media header conversions (DShow.pas and DAnim.pas) that come with the DelphiX component Suite in order to compile the demo program.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/7/2000 2:53:13 PM ]

SkinForm v.2.12 Update

The freeware SkinForm component was updated to v2.12. The component makes it very easy to create a very complex and skinable forms without any programming, all you have to do is to create several pictures and drag your mouse to set hot areas, place buttons, text and track bars. There is even a preview at design time.

I don't know what the update was about, but it is new...

[ Michael Wilson | 8/7/2000 11:45:34 AM ]

Thursday, August 3, 2000

WrapX news...

WrapX 0.40 doesn't work with Delphi 4.0 because of a wrong .DPK file. Look for WrapX 0.41 soon to correct this problem. Also WrapX has a new "newsmail thingie" on eGroups.Com. To subscribe send an email with your email adress as the subject, to WrapX-Subscribe@eGroups.Com

[ Michael Wilson | 8/3/2000 4:06:50 PM ]

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

CDX 3.0

CDX 3.0 is now available. CDX is a free GDK (Game Development Kit) which is comprised of a set of C++ wrapper classes for writing Windows games. It is built on top of Microsoft Windows and DirectX technology and offers simple to use C++ wrappers for all aspects of game development. This includes things like sprites, tiles, scollable maps, alpha blending and even 3D primitives (using Direct3D). Think of it like DelphiX for C++ Builder.

Grab it from SourceForge here or visit the home page.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/2/2000 4:18:56 PM ]

Tom's Job

Congrats go out to Tom Nuydens on landing his first job. Read all about it at Delphi3d.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/2/2000 4:12:24 PM ]

DirectX 7.0 Headers Updated

The Delphi JEDI converted DirectX 7.0 headers (final version without D3DX) was updated. Only the DirectMusic header seems to be updated.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/2/2000 4:10:14 PM ]

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

IsoCanvas Update

IsoCanvas got a slight update, and should now re-compile for people who don't have DelphiX installed.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/1/2000 1:02:09 PM ]

More Iso Stuff....

Steve 'Sly' Williams (who may or may not be the author of the Fly DirectX Wrapper) dropped a line about his isometric project.

For some more isometric stuff using GDI (and a contest-winning random maze generator as well), take a look at my Mazer program. You can find it at homepages.borland.com

It won the Delphi section of the game programming contest back in March.

[ Michael Wilson | 8/1/2000 10:12:08 AM ]

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