A List Apart, for People Who Make Websites.
Writing for the Web, by Zeldman
PART 1 in a series.
Graphic designers get highfive.com, id, must-c, and Communication Arts. Programmers get webreference.com, webmonkey, and Web Techniques (and that's just a few of the W's). Even entrepreneurs get online and printed pubs aplenty. But look for a tutorial or an awards showcase dedicated to online writing, and you'll find nary a word. We aim to change that.
        When Brian and I launched the original LIST APART in January '98, we had two goals: to create a noise-free, high-level discussion list for the web; and to cover all the bases of webmaking – from pixels to prose, coding to content. Posts in the digest have begun that work. It continues with this article, the first in a series.

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