Thursday, August 10

Cyber-Squatter Gives Site to Gore Ticket - nice guy.      ø | 3:01 PM

link stolen from gagne      ø | 1:48 PM

Here's Episode 3 of My Favorite Blogger Titles & Descriptions:

The Wacky Misadventures of Santos L. Halper
only, replace "Santos L. Halper" with "Caroline Tang," "wacky" with "usually mundane," "kind of" with "repeatedly," and "dog" with "son"

Weblogger on Fire
For maximum effect, light your monitor on fire NOW.

i'm not going to sit here and talk about sex and breasts like everyone else in their descriptions. granted, i'm a nympho and i have large breasts, but it's irrelevant. if that makes you come to my site, that's fine. i mean, it's true: i'm a busty slut. but it's not relevant to anything. honestly.

Android's Dungeon
I've wasted my entire life.

Triptych Cryptic
"worst weblog ever"

la la lala la la - I love smurfs.

dammit.... i got ants

demented and sad , but social
I hate being put on the spot. It's just another journal. Not really a weblog at all.

And, winning the award for a complete lack of understanding of English:

it's my blooooger!
blooger is more fun the a whole much of blog's.

Episode I and II are here for the new.      ø | 11:05 AM

Well, at any rate, I got my work desktop cleaned up.

     ø | 10:33 AM

Web bows to the Internet - this is the opposite, and intelligent version of a really stupid comment I saw made on a mailing list once:

"The Internet is so stupid! The web is so much better! WWW Rulez!"      ø | 9:36 AM

Dallas NAACP president resigns - anybody else think it's odd that a leader of the NAACP would actively make ethnic generalizations?      ø | 9:30 AM

Mr Showbiz News: Chan in Jerry Lewis Remake, Leoni Joins JP3

Oh, God.

Oh, my dear God. They're making a Jurassic Park 3? Jesus. The first one was bad.      ø | 7:32 AM

Wednesday, August 9

There should be a big 'B', assuming this map is right.      ø | 3:56 PM

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog!!      ø | 1:45 PM

Save Triumph The Insult Comic Dog - Ha.      ø | 1:27 PM

Okay. *whew* I was able to wrestle control back from the hell beast. Now back to your regularly scheduled grumping.      ø | 1:18 PM

Late Night with Conan O'Brien Fan Purity Test - grrrrrrrrrrr      ø | 11:40 AM | Marmaduke - worst comic strip ever.      ø | 11:27 AM

Janeane Garofalo

"Bryan, what is this doing here?"

"Truth about Cats and Dogs."

"Sigh. I'll allow it."      ø | 11:26 AM

Mmmmmm. Dognip......      ø | 11:24 AM

Mmmm. Catnip........      ø | 11:21 AM

HEY! It's me your friendly neighorhood sock puppet from! I saw that Bryan was feeling bad and sad and decided to take over his weblog for a while. So now you'll get to visit the web sites that *I* wanna blog! So, let's go!

Wait! That last one's no good! Bryan's trying to take back control! No! I won't let him!

Oh! Oh God, No! He's got a spiky thing! I HATE SPIKY THINGS!!!      ø | 11:02 AM

     ø | 10:50 AM

I was watching last week's all-serious episode of The Real World and I started thinking about the issue of ignorance. Melissa-who-sucks-anyway made some comment about ignorance being inexcusable. And Julie argued with her about it. And, hm. I think ignorance is excusable. If you don't know about the movie "Casablanca" because it just never came up, then you don't know about it. I'll excuse that.

What I can't excuse is blatant stupidity. For instance, I saw an IMAX movie once called "The Living Sea," narrated by Meryl Streep. At one point, she said what could possibly be the most blindingly obvious thing ever. She said, "Scientists now know that the oceans of the world are interconnected." Duh.


Look at a freakin' globe, you nut! Of COURSE they're interconnected. I can't say when I figured that out, but it was probably sometime around 1st grade, when I looked at my first globe. I mean, did they really think that the Indian Ocean is so separate from the Atlantic Ocean because it has a different name? Get a clue.

Here's another one: in 1987 when all the facts were available we learned through any number of media everything there was to learn about AIDS and HIV. It was all over every newspaper and magazine and television channel. We learned, we got it, we knew. In 1992 Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV positive and his coach or someone made the following statement at a press conference:

"We now know that anyone can get this disease." Duh. DUH! Where were you FIVE FREAKING YEARS AGO? What the hell? Really.      ø | 10:43 AM

Ain't It Cool News - Charlie's Angels - someone sees the movie and likes it!      ø | 7:54 AM

Tuesday, August 8

Joss Whedon would certainly have a lot less tension in his episodes of Buffy if he gave all his characters cell phones.      ø | 11:15 PM

You ever see the Roman Polanski film "Repulsion"? I kind of feel like the first 20 minutes of that movie.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad.      ø | 3:36 PM

Available Balance: -$145.63

Well, at least I know what to worry about now.      ø | 10:26 AM

I don't know. I just don't feel well.

I'm alternating between melancholy and rage, every so often hanging out in the middle. I also feel extremely worried, though I'm not sure about what.

Maybe it's just that time of the month.      ø | 10:00 AM

Monday, August 7

Mr Showbiz News: Box Office: Bacon's Hollow Man Is Visibly a Hit. It's interesting that a movie for which I've been forced to see commercials at the rate of roughly two a half-hour can still do badly in the box office. I am, of course talking about "Coyote Ugly."      ø | 3:30 PM

''Dark Angel'' Jessica Alba steals the show at TV's summer press tour - I saw a new ad for "Dark Angel" in which Jessica was wearing a beautiful red dress. Is it fall, yet?      ø | 11:24 AM

Sunday, August 6


I can see again.      ø | 10:29 PM

The Quote Contest
If I had a nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I'd be dead.
Winner: Riley!
Of course I have problems with women! Everyone has problems with women!
Winner: The Brad!

bryan j busch is a young man living in New Jersey, USA. he's a taurus. most of his money is spent on eating well. he loves movies and music, digs animé, and takes himself seriously roughly 20% of the time. he was born to logic, but has a passion for the paranormal.

to hear it told, he is a scholar and a gentleman, and he has infinite patience.

he is apparently a composer

the rest you'll have to find out for yourself.


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