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ZDNet > TechLife > Music > Feature 08/17/00
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Trouble Town Cartoon
Lloyd Dangle's cartoon about Napster takes a peek at the subtle irony of anarchistic rockers suing the software company for giving away free copies of their music, or rather, "intellectual" property. Showcasing a world going mad, this futuristic look at copyright and ownership exemplifies that technology may not be the best way to determine our customs and laws. What would we do if artists no longer had any monetary incentive? Would creation simply cease to exist?

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Napster BAD! Cartoon
Camp Chaos Entertainment has recently introduced a slough of flash-animated cartoons to their web site. Of particular interest is the Napster Bad! series, which began on May 10, 2000. Essentially positioning themselves as ultimate Metallica critics (and haters), Camp Chaos employs excellent flash rendering with wild dialogue to both entertain and shock the viewer. In this production, Hetfield is portrayed as a gorillalike, idiotic thug. However, Ulrich shouldn't get off so easy. Lars is depicted as a hot-blooded, effete man with foul armpit hair who cusses and rants about money and Napster. The series proved so successful that Camp Chaos has generated numerous sequels. Be sure to catch Metallicops! and Metallica Millionaire, which are scathing mockeries of Metallica and the television programs Cops! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Each of these shorts is beautifully animated (and beautifully crass), and each should be enjoyed only in moderation.

click to enlarge
Rock the House (Senate Hearing Parody)
On July 11, Rock stars and new media executives invaded Washington, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about whether free file sharing should exist. The ZDNet Computer Stew team has been hard at work compiling exclusive footage and producing a humiliating mockery of this hearing. In this rendition of the truth, Senator Orrin Hatch calls Metallica's Lars Ulrich a "crybaby" and orders the immediate execution of Napster CEO Hank Barry. Again, this file-sharing parody highlights the often-exploited attributes of Metallica. Lars is made out to be a money-grubbing rock 'n' roll brat, and Hank Barry whines like a witless doorknob. And if this titillates your funny bone, be sure to check out MPFree and Return of MPFree. These precursors explore Metallica's lawsuit against Napster and Limp Bizkit's dramatic support for the file-sharing world.

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