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Pac Bell Park
E Y E    O P E N E R S 

Video and 360° panoramas of the ballpark.

Inside the Park
A classic design with modern amenities.

Seating Chart
Your proximity to home.

A Bird's Eye View
Get an aerial perspective.

Fans go with flow of Pac Bell Park shakedown
Story by Dan Reed

Despite loss to L.A., fans are won over at opener
Story by Sandy Kleffman and Tony Hicks

Dodgers win in park opener
Story by Daniel Brown

A day of firsts — and a loss — for Giants
Story by Joe Roderick

The game takes over
Column by Mark Purdy

Dishing the dirt on a day of firsts
Column by Gary Peterson

Some official and unofficial firsts
Compiled by Mercury News Staff

100-year-old rivalry gets a little tamer
Column by Bud Geracie

Giants will need time to get comfortable at home
Column by Neil Hayes

Catching a piece of history
Column by Ann Killion

Dodgers like what they see of Pac Bell
Story by Neil Hayes

A's react to Pac Bell with yawn
Story by Gary Washburn

Floating fans' quest goes unfulfilled
Column by Dave Pollak

Caltrain back in good graces of its riders
Story by Alan Gathright

Notebook: Fans line up for peek at the action inside
Story by Mercury News Staff

Notebook: Orel explains, 'Things change'
Story by Joe Roderick

Concession stand prices

News and Columns: Stories on Pac Bell Park

Fan Poll: Which one of the new ballparks is your favorite?

Farewell to Candlestick
San Jose Mercury News coverage on the closing game.

Memories of the 'Stick
A Contra Costa Times tribute.

"Birth of a Ballpark" site credits

Birth of a Ballpark

Inside Pacific Bell Park

The Bay Area's new attraction is a thoroughly modern sports facility designed to look like a classic, early 20th century ballpark. It is also is the only major league facility in Northern California designed solely for baseball. Here is an interactive look inside.

Source: S.F. Giants • Illustrations by Steve Lopez -- Mercury News
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