IVESC 2000

2000 IEEE International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference
Orlando, Florida, USA

DATE: July 10-13, 2000

PLACE: Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, Walt Disney World

The International Conference on Vacuum Electron Sources is held biennially and is the successor to the former Tri-Service/NASA Cathode Workshop held in the United States. The first international conference, IVESC'96, was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 1996. The second conference, IVESC'98, was held in Tsukuba, Japan, in 1998. IVESC 2000, which is the Third International Conference on Vacuum Electron Sources, covers the same topics presented at the two previous conferences and includes both oral and poster presentations.

Financial Sponsor: IEEE Electron Device Society

Conference and Organizing Committee Chair: Edwin G. Wintucky
NASA Glenn Research Center; 21000 Brookpark Rd; Cleveland, OH 44135; Mail Stop 54-5
Tel: 216-433-3510; FAX: 216-433-8705; Email

Program Committee Chair: Dr. Norman Hill
School of Materials Science & Eng.; Georgia Tech; 778 Atlantic Drive; Atlanta, GA 30332-0245
Tel: 404-894-6081; FAX: 404-894-9140; Email

Publicity Committee Chair: Dr. Kevin Jensen
Code 6841, ESTD; Naval Research Laboratory; Washington, DC 20375-5347
Tel: 202-767-3114; FAX: 202-767-1280; Email

Finance Committee Chair: Lou Falce
Electronic Materials Engineering Consultant; 2071 Folle Blanche Dr.; San Jose, CA 95135
Tel: 408-270-4140; FAX: 408-270-4153; Email

Conference Administrator: Tom Klote, CHSP
IEEE Conference Management Services
Florida Office: 6415 Orange Bay Avenue, Orlando, FL 32819-4170
Tel: 407-226-2319; 800-810-4333; Fax: 407-226-1503; E-mail

Conference Agenda, Registration and other information is available below:

Information on IVESC 2002: The 4th International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference, IVESC 2002, is presently scheduled to be held in Saratov, Russia in 2002. Information on present plans for IVESC 2002 can be found in the Saratov Invitation (Adobe PDF format). You can also view photographs of scenic Saratov attractions. It is expected that a web site for IVESC 2002 will be established, the URL for which will be posted here when it becomes available. Further information on IVESC 2002 can be obtained from the conference chairman, Dr. Raouf Z. Bahktizin

For more information, contact Edwin G. Wintucky
Tel: (216) 433-3510 Send e-mail

Last modified: June 29, 2000