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NET.FAME: Jim Hill &

A Present From Apple: Cyberdog 2.0a1

By: Dave Garaffa (dgaraffa@browserwatch.com)

Jim Hill was the first to chime in with this very suprising news from Apple.

Jim writes, "Apple Cyberdog 2.0 Alpha 1 is available at the Cyberdog web site as of 12/21/96 at 8:30 PM PST."

That one took me totally by suprise! Dan Hughes that Cyberdog Maven followed up with, "Dave, Guess what buddy... Apple just gave Cyberdog users an incredibly huge Christmas present--Cyberdog 2.0 Alpha 1! Included in 2.0 is a whole slew of new features including new Web browsing features such as frames, cookies support, animated GIF's, client pull, background color for tables (yeah!), speed improvements. The mail and news parts have also been overhauled." Dan's site is one I'm sure you Cyberdog fans already know about but just in case make sure you stop over and visit the Cyberdog Pound.


Thanks for the news Jim and Dan!


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