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NET.FAME: Dan Hughes & Tim McCoy

The Re-release of Cyberdog v1.2

By: Dave Garaffa (dgaraffa@browserwatch.com)

Dan 'CD Man' Hughes webmaster at The Cyberdog Pound and Tim McCoy both get a net.fame for this news report. No.. they didn't really 'tie' in getting the news in but since Dan always seems to be first when it comes to Cyberdog related news (and if you check out his site you'll know why) I thought it only fair to give credit to the person who came in second. My web site... My rules... =-) besides I don't think Dan will mind.

Anyway, remember that report of Cyberdog 1.2 being released and then pulled? Well 'its back...' ;-) Dan say, "Apparently the 'real' Cyberdog 1.2 is now available. It's strange that Apple pulled the older version, especially since a message on the FTP server says that users who downloaded the other 1.2 shouldn't download this one since they're the same thing. Hmmm... Anyways, get the latest pup at the following URL:"


Thanks guys... keep those Cyberdog tips rollin in!


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