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The Dustmen's headquarters is a collection of windowless vaults that rise like a giant's mausoleum above the surrounding shacks. They're all dark, catacombed, vaulted, and chambered halls filled with sods living on the lives of others. Grim traffic trundles down the silent lanes to its doors - creaking wagons of the dead, driven by the skull-faced, their eyes hollow, their cheeks sunken from the years of their ashen work. The bodies pass through the doors and then beyond. Behind the doors of the Mortuary is one of the largest concentrations of portals in Sigil.

The streets around the Mortuary are the province of the unclean, those in Sigil who'll do the jobs nobody else will touch: collecting the dead, butchering meat, nursing the diseased, anything objectionable to others. Some are proud of their victory over superstition while others have been broken by the scorn of those they work for. They lead desperate lives in their shanties and shacks, isolated from each other as much as the rest of the world.

While the Hall of Records is Sigil's most well-known reservoir of information, the murky corners of the Mortuary hold many lost, forgotten, arcane objects from ages past. Many of these items have been placed below for your perusal.

Morte! Past News Morte!


Happy Easter!

Hello Again Fellow Gamers,

Due to the popularity of our previous "Leprechaun Annah" patch for Planescape: Torment, we've put together another spiffy bonus for all your Torment fans out there:

Download the ultimate 'Easter Egg' for the game: Your very own Easter Egg Morte that you can put into your Torment game!

Yes, now you, too, can have your very own custom Easter Egg Morte in Torment! Not only does he have a New Look and Feel, but he has New Sounds as well! He has some new Voice Over samples that weren't in the final version of Torment. Just download this .ZIP file, and follow the instructions in the Readme file (included in this .ZIP):

And for additional viewing pleasure we've put up a nice Wallpaper of Easter Egg Morte:

Basket o' Morte: 1280x1024
Basket o' Morte: 1024x768
Basket o' Morte: 800x600
Basket o' Morte: 640x480

Don't forget to give some thanks to our ever-devoted Torment artist, Eric Campanella, for taking the time to create this new theme in his spare time, as well as Dave Hendee for digging up the unused, cool, new Voice Over files for Morte.

Torment Forever,

Kenneth Lee


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey everyone,

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day and an excuse to thank all of you for buying and playing Torment, we've got a nice update for you today:

Download your very own "Power Action Leprechaun Annah" and put her into your Torment game!

Yes, now you, too, can have your very own custom Leprechaun Annah in Torment! Just download this .ZIP file, and follow the instructions in the Readme file (included in this .ZIP):

And to celebrate even further, we've put up a nice Wallpaper of Leprechaun Annah for your viewing pleasure:

annah_patty_backdrop (1280x1024)
annah_patty_backdrop (1024x768)
annah_patty_backdrop (800x600)
annah_patty_backdrop (640x480)

But most importantly, give some thanks to our ever-devoted, crazy-cool artist, Eric "Mr. Spells Madman" Campanella for taking the time to do these! ^_^

Torment Forever,

Ken Lee


More good news on Torment!!

In Games Weekly's history we would like to let you know of the first ever Platinum award to be given to a software title. In our latest Planescape Torment review we found the game to be well worth this award.

Games Weekly Internet Magazine

Want to check it out? Go to the Awards Page!
Or if you want a little nibble of info on each review, rating and reward...
make sure to check out the Planar Portals!


Hi Folks,

I want to first say, "Thank You!" to all the people to who bought Planescape: Torment. We sincerely hope you're enjoying the game. We also want to thank everyone for sticking with us despite a few bumps in the road that we discovered too late.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that the Official Torment Patch is ready for download! You can download the patch here:

Make sure you read the Readme11.txt!
(It's also included with the patch.)


Kenneth Lee
Producer, Planescape: Torment
Black Isle Studios


Ladies and Gentlemen,

First, thank you for your support over the holidays and beyond. I think I speak for many of us in saying we are extremely happy with the positive reviews from all of you. Thanks a lot. OK, enough about us, let's talk about how we can help you.

Weíve added some help for the first time visitor to our site. For clarity's sake, we've added a direct link to the message boards as well as a link to our support page.

As you may well know, the message board is our main forum for game discussion. You can normally ask and receive fast and friendly advice from one of the many locals (and any one of us) who frequent. Your best bet for help and information is here.

Planescape-Torment Message Board

If you are new to the Torment, you may want to read the FAQ. It answers a lot of common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The support link will take you directly to our help page. Here you can find some basic info about the game requirements and get basic troubleshooting.

Planescape-Torment Support Page

Thanks again and take care,



A little post-gold update.

First, some common question weíve gotten since we went gold.

A lot of people asked about the foreign language versions. As we speak, programming and QA are finishing up those versions. The nice thing (for me and the artists) is Bioware made it pretty easy for us to make artistic changes. Basically, we just replace some rendered button art and viola! Most translation duties involve changing a huge ole text file. This file effects everything from dialogs to descriptions to some of the buttons. The end result is the French and German versions should be out soon. Iíve heard varying reports from one to three weeks but that depends on how smooth translation integration goes.

Some people have asked about the UK release. As of this second, I donít know the release date in the UK but Iíve been probing around for an answer. The date will be posted when the info is solid. (Iíve heard it could hit very near the US date. hmmmm)

Another question is the minimum spec requirements. Our main website lists a P200MMX w/32 Megs and a 4 Meg video card as the min spec machine. That requirement is definitely baseline. Iíve seen the game running on that and it was playable. It wasnít as spanky as a faster machine but playability was there. I guess a little test for you the player could be to remember the character animations and spell effects are bigger than Baldurís Gate so if your machine was chuggy on Baldurís it will likely be chuggy with this game.

Iím sure all you happy people want to know what the whole happy Torment team has been up to since we went gold. Iíve already mentioned the programming guys are working on the foreign language version. Some of the artists are helping with the foreign language versions. A couple of us are also assisting on Icewind Dale. Most of our team is decompressing. The last few weeks (or was that months) were a long stretch. A LOT of people put in 16 hour days to test and tweak the game. Everybody got a little extra vacation time to unwind as a result and some people started using it already.

The future.. good question. Yah thereís something in the works (that canít be that much of a surprise). Iím sure youíll hear about it soon enough. Till then, give Torment a spin.


PS. Iím going to be down at the Irvine Spectrum this week hunting down the first public copies of Torment. You may see me. I simply must buy all my Interplay games from outside stores. Yah, we got a company store but I love the excitement of walking in and putting down the cash-o-la. Sometimes, I get to hear all those happy people and maybe meet a few.

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These graphics archives have been provided to help facilitate creation of fan pages and general praise of Planescape: Torment, Black Isle Studios, Interplay Productions, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Planescape (the setting), Wizards of the Coast, and TSR. All files are zipped .JPEGs.

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