Jim McDougal, Curtis Wilkie:
Arkansas Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal

The explosive manuscript that was finished by Whitewater witness Jim McDougal just before his death in federal prison last March is now out in book form. (Henry Holt & Company, Inc. Publication date: May 1998.) Read a review by the Washington Weekly
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The Whitewater Scandal

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The Whitewater Land Deal

Whitewater started as a land development of riverfront property in Arkansas in the 1980s. The Clintons received a large share of the development without putting up any money. When the development went sour, additional capital infusions were needed. There is evidence and testimony suggesting that these cash infusions were obtained illegally from the federal government and never paid back.
Oct 31 1994 Evidence in Whitewater Case is Now Firm (Editorial)

The Election

When Clinton ran for President in 1992, Whitewater started receiving attention. One candidate, Jerry Brown, brought up allegations in a Democratic primary debate. Jeff Gerth of the New York Times wrote a story. By the time Clinton had made it through the primaries, however, the media had decided that Whitewater was irrelevant; "it was about the issues." Besides, the news media was more interested in juicy allegations of marital infidelity, pot-smoking, and draft-dodging. After the election, however, a few conservative newspapers and magazines started following some of the loose ends. They discovered that Whitewater was part of a larger pattern of the way business, politics, police, the judiciary, and the news media in Arkansas operated in a way that was to "mutual benefit." Furthermore, evidence of a cover-up of Whitewater in Washington was revealed.
Aug 17 1994 Whitewater Whistleblower Silenced
Aug 24 1994 Whitewater Whistleblower Fights Back
Sep 22 1994 Congress Conspired With RTC to Discredit Whistleblower
Jan 09 1995 How Widespread is the Whitewater Conspiracy? (Editorial)
Feb 20 1995 Interview with Arkansas Judge Jim Johnson
Former Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson reveals government efforts to block investigations of the Mena affair and investigations of Clinton's fraudulent Whitewater loans, and explains how business interests, news media, politicians, and courts in Arkansas manage to block the truth from coming out.
Feb 27 1995 The Most Criminal and Corrupt Administration in History (Editorial)
A list of alleged crimes and ethics violations.

The Special Counsel

After conservative newspapers had uncovered a large number of criminal allegations against the First Couple during 1993, a Special Counsel was appointed in early 1994. He was to investigate all matters related to Whitewater, including the death of White House aide Vince Foster. Special Counsel Robert Fiske's first report was on the death of Vince Foster:
July 15 1994 Fiske Report on Foster Suicide
July 27 1994 An Epidemic of Suicide (Editorial)

Whitewater Hearings

Congress decided to hold hearings on the matter in July and August of 1994, but for the most part they turned into a charade because the Democratic leadership had put such narrow limitations on what kind of questions Congressmen were allowed to ask.
July 26 1994 Extra: Whitewater Coverup Expands (Editorial)
Aug 03 1994 Extra: Midnight Bombshell at Whitewater Hearings
Aug 05 1994 Whitewater Could Bring Down President (Editorial)
Oct 23 1994 Six Reasons to Throw out House Democrats (Editorial)
Conspired to block Whitewater hearings
Conspired to discredit Whitewater witness

A Truly Independent Counsel

In the meantime, criticism of Special Counsel Robert Fiske was mounting. In particular the way he glossed over incriminating evidence and the way he stood with the Democrats in the way of full public hearings led some to suggest that he was not truly independent. A three-judge panel appointed an Independent Counsel, prosecutor Kenneth Starr. With Starr, the investigation got rolling and he soon secured both indictments and convictions in the case.
Sep 05 1994 Whitewater Indictments Near
Sep 06 1994 New Testimony in Foster Case
Sep 23 1994 Whitewater Update (Editorial)
David Hale and Roger Altman
Oct 03 1994 Whitewater Update
Little Rock, Arkansas
The Resolution Trust Corporation
The Rose Law Firm
Independent Prosecutor Kenneth Starr
The White House
New Whitewater Hearings
Ethics Investigation of Senator
Oct 23 1994 Gingrich Promises Whitewater Investigation
Nov 14 1994 Is There a Mole in Whitewater Prosecutors Office?
Nov 21 1994 Rose Law Firm Ordered to Release Documents
Nov 28 1994 Wall Street Journal Files Request With Supreme Court (Editorial)
Wants Whitewater Ruling Unsealed
Nov 28 1994 Whitewater Prosecutor Prepares Indictments
Dec 05 1994 Whitewater About to Hit the Fan (Editorial)
Dec 05 1994 Whitewater Investigation Broadens
Hubbell Said to Plead Guilty to Whitewater Prosecutor
Paula Casey Will be Called Before Banking Committee
Bruce Lindsey and Betsey Wright
George Stephanopoulos and Harold Ickes
Dec 12 1994 Two Convictions in Whitewater Case (Editorial)
Jan 02 1995 What Terrible Secret is Whitewater Prosecutor Holding? (Editorial)
Jan 02 1995 Whitewater Update
Starr Investigating Murder in Little Rock
Whitewater Hearings Postponed
McDougal Named Target of Criminal Probe
Fiske Says Hale Has Made Significant Allegations
New Bribery Allegations
Jan 09 1995 Whitewater Update
Whitewater Prosecutor Reopens Foster Suicide Case
White House Obstructed Justice in Foster Investigation
Two Associates of David Hale Sentenced
Jan 23 1995 Foster Did Not Commit Suicide in Fort Marcy Park (Editorial)
Jan 30 1995 Whitewater Update
Forensic Experts Doubt Foster Suicide Ruling
Stephens Inc. Employee Indicted
Starr's Investigation Widespread
Feb 06 1995 Whitewater Update
White House Lied about Obstructing Justice
The Stealth Congressional Whitewater Investigation
Foster X-ray Mystery
Family Suspects Cover-up in Foster Death
Feb 13 1995 Congressman Dan Burton on Whitewater Investigation
Mr. Burton gave a cronological summary of the entire Congressional Whitewater Investigation since Clinton took office, and explained in clear terms the alleged crimes and unethical behavior, and raised a number of unanswered questions.
Feb 27 1995 What is Taking Starr so Long? (Editorial)
Mar 06 1995 Letter to the Editor
Whitewater Probe Focuses on Tax Evasion
Mar 06 1995 Whitewater Indictment Targets Arkansas Bank President
Mar 06 1995 Strategic Investment Letter on Vince Foster Cover-Up
Mar 06 1995 Congressman Burton on Clinton Administration Scandals
Secretary Brown Investigation
Latest Whitewater Indictment
Treasury Secretary Rubin's Conflict of Interest on Mexico
Mar 20 1995 Whitewater Update
Starr Tells Congress to Back Off
Ainley Pleads Innocent, Blames Superiors
Mar 27 1995 Liberal Media Continues Whitewater Coverup (Editorial)
Mar 27 1995 Whitewater Update
Starr Investigating Possible Police Cover-Up in Foster Death
Starr Probing Links to Inslaw Murder
Whitewater Realtor Pleads Guilty
Senate Investigates Possible Obstruction of Justice Attempt
Apr 03 1995 Independent Counsel Probing Clinton Appointment Process
Apr 03 1995 White House Employees Found to Have Drug Problem
Apr 17 1995 Whitewater Update
Starr investigating scam loans at ADFA
Obstruction of investigation of Hillary's livestock trades
Whitewater Prosecutor Resigns
Fiske's Report on Foster Suicide is Inaccurate
Apr 17 1995 Updated List of Alleged Crimes in the Clinton Administration
Apr 24 1995 Starr Interviews Bill and Hillary Clinton Under Oath
May 01 1995 Washington Press Conference on Death of Vincent Foster
May 08 1995 Is This the Beginning of The End? (Editorial)
Networks run same Whitewater story on same day. Why?
May 08 1995 Whitewater Update
White House Asked About Sealed Indictments
Ainley Pleads Guilty, Lindsey is Target
The Missing Box of Papers
May 22 1995 Whitewater Update
House expects five more indictments
Jun 12 1995 Whitewater Update
Former Clinton Aide Pleads Guilty
More Indictments to follow, including the Clintons
Cutler Accused of Lying to Congress, Obstructing Justice
Jun 26 1995 Whitewater Update
Cover-up Inside Starr's Investigation
Powerful Forces Form United Front Against Starr
Senate Takes Depositions from Park Police
Tucker Pleads Not Guilty
Palmer Sentenced
Jul 17 1995 Whitewater Update
Compromised Judge Considers Throwing out Tucker Indictment
Compromised Prosecutors join Whitewater Prosecution
Aug 21 1995 Bloody Thursday in Little Rock
Sep 4 1995 Whitewater: Congress is Still the Answer
OP-ED by Jim Johnson, former Associate Justice of Arkansas Supreme Court
Sep 4 1995 List of Whitewater Defendants
By last count, 14 individuals had been indicted by or pled guilty to Whitewater prosecutors.

New Whitewater Hearings

Finally, the now Republican controlled Congress decided to hold full hearings, starting in the summer of 1995, on the entire web of alleged crimes emanating from the Whitewater land deal in Arkansas.
May 22 1995 Whitewater Update
Senate votes for Special Whitewater Committee
Jun 05 1995 Whitewater Update
Governor Tucker Called before Grand Jury.
Democrats lose Supreme Court battle against Starr
Hot Summer: Senate Whitewater Hearings and House Waco Hearings
Jun 19 1995 Democrats Attempt to Sabotage Whitewater Hearings
Jul 03 1995 Whitewater Update
Whitewater Hearings to Begin Next Week
Webster Hubbell Sentenced
Questions About Impartiality of Arkansas Courts
RTC Report finds money transferred to Whitewater
Jul 24 1995 Hearings, Hearings
Jul 24 1995 Whitewater Update
Kuca Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the SBA.
Starr Interviews Bill and Hillary Clinton Again.
Gingrich Asks Committees to look into Death of Vince Foster.
Hubbell's Ties to the BCCI
Jul 31 1995 The Second Week of Whitewater Hearings
Jul 31 1995 Whitewater Update
Reno Backs Starr against Tucker and Judge Woods
Aug 07 1995 John Dean Testifies
Aug 07 1995 Hillary Mastermind Behind Foster Cover-Up
Aug 07 1995 Speedy Gonzalez enters Hypocrisy Contest
Aug 07 1995 Whitewater Update
Gingrich Launches Independent Investigation of Foster Death
House Hearings Begin This Week
Aug 14 1995 Whitewater Update
Foster's ties to the National Security Acency
In the most detailed road map to Whitewater made public yet, RTC criminal investigator Jean Lewis described widespread bank fraud by the Arkansas political elite, including Bill Clinton, who ran his campaign on taxpayer-embezzled money. Naming those that have already been indicted or convicted, the road map also reveals who has yet to be indicted. Lewis also detailed obstruction of justice by named individuals at the RTC and at the Justice Department.
Ms. Lewis continued to detail the elaborate web of obstruction she faced from named individuals in the Justice Department, in the RTC, and in Congress.
Aug 28 1995 The 18-minute Gap in the Foster Tapes
Sep 4 1995 Whitewater: Congress is Still the Answer
OP-ED by Jim Johnson, former Associate Justice of Arkansas Supreme Court
Sep 4 1995 New Poll finds Public Believes in Whitewater Crimes
Oct 23 1995 Whitewater Update
Whitewater Hearings to Resume
Trial of Governor Tucker Delayed
Foster "Suicide Note" a Forgery, Experts Say.
Text of Suicide Note
Image of Suicide Note
White House attempts to silence Press, Succeeds
FBI Falsified Testimony, Ignored Witnesses
Sketch of Possible Foster Murderer
Senate Whitewater Committee Issues 49 Subpoenas
The 49 Subpoenas
White House Responds to Subpoenas, Foster Allegations
What does it all Mean?

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