art + aesthetics of artificial life
welcome to our 1998 UCLA exhibition...

Center for the Digital Arts, above the New Wight Gallery, Dickson Arts Center, North Campus, University of California at Los Angeles.
Admission free. - Parking (Lot 3) $5.
Exhibition: June 26 thru July 12, 1998.
Opening Reception: Friday, June 26, 4:00-8:00 p.m.
July 11, 1998.
artificial life: created by: exploring: and visualized through:
DNA - RNA, computers, biochips, programs, nanotechnology, robots, cyborgs, reconfigurable hardware and synthetic reatures evolution, emergence, coadaptation, computation, algorithm, digital and traditional media origins of life, life as it could be, life in other media, multiple agency, group behavior, complexity, cognition, selection, chaos, man and technology pictures, sculpture, videos, robots, websites, music, environments, monitors and architecture
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cosponsored by: ucla center for the digital arts
6th international conference on artificial life ucla center for the study of evolution and the origin of life
ucla cognitive sciences program

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