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Height: 6'1"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hometown: Rutherford, NJ
Pro Debut: January 1992

A seasoned veteran of the ring wars, Crowbar has gained tremendous respect both in and out of the ring for his abilities. Underneath his psychotic ring persona lies a man who has struggled up the pro-wrestling ladder, all the while staying focused and keeping a backup plan.

Career History
Did his training at the Iron Mike Sharpe School of Pro Wrestling, before making his debut in a battle royal in 1992 at the age of 17... Under the ring name Devon Storm, wrestled throughout the independent circuit, as well as stints in both ECW and WWF... Signed with WCW in late 1999, sharpening up in the Power Plant while working the Saturday Night tapings... Was guided along the way by current WCW star, General Rection... As Crowbar was born, the maniacal gas station attendant hooked up with David Flair, and the two quickly picked up the tag team titles... Defeated Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in the finals of a tournament to determine the new champions... Now in singles competition, Crowbar still has the drive and ability to make it far.

Wrestling Style
Like a kamikaze, Crowbar will put his body on the line to execute a move to its full potential... His speed is also a great asset to him, especially against larger opponents... His eight years of experience also gives him the edge over many of his foes... Gets totally psyched before a match, and at times, seems almost impervious to pain.

Did You Know?
Crowbar earned a degree in Physical Therapy at Kean University in New Jersey... Went to college for six years, while still wrestling on the weekends... Worked as a full time physical therapist for a year in 1998 before signing with WCW... Made his WCW PPV on January 16, 2000, wrestling his tag team partner, David Flair and Vampiro in a Three-Way Dance... Helped with the in-ring training of Daffney, teaching her the top rope Frankensteiner... Watched high flyers like The Great Muta and Ricky Steamboat while growing up... Also learned from studying Ric Flair, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage... If ever a movie was made of his life, Mike Myers would be his pick to play the lead... Has suffered three broken bones in his WCW tenure - one finger and two toes... Is a huge "Star Wars" fan, having watched each of the movies more than 200 times, and has a giant Star Wars memorabilia collection, claiming his life size Imperial Stormtrooper replica as his prized possession.

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World Title

Canadian Title

Tag Team Title

One Hundred Kilos And Under Title

Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title

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