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'Saloon, quite possibly the most enticing band on the Earth and all its surrounding spheres.'

Saloon are a five piece pop band from Reading, England. Their music is the traditional sound of guitars, strings and softly sung vocals meeting the electronic beeps and whistles of Moogs, stylophones and Theremins head on.

Electron July 2000

Saloon's new single Electron hits the UK. Released on Bearos Record (Bearos 013), Birmingham's finest indie label (Contact: And how does it sound you ask? No one could put it better than the man himself, Alan Bearos:

"If I told you that this is the most beautiful record I will ever release, would you believe me? The follow up to singles on Amberly and Artists Against Success sees the band weave a dreamy lullaby suffused with gentle electronica. Imagine Broadcast dozing in a hammock on a sunny summer's day"

The B-side the dreamy Sueño Escolar features guest vocals from Spanish, French and Polish children. They share their aspirations and hopes, and complain that sci-fi films are all the same. The record is available at our single launch party at the Jug of Ale, Birmingham on 1/07/00 and will be in the shops from 10/7/00, distributed by Cargo.

Saloon are interviewed in the current issue of Muska, the Slovenian National Music Magazine. To obtain a copy please contact: Muska, Glashema, Mladina Slovenja, Kersnokvia 4, 1000 Ljublijana, Sloveina (Slovenian price 500 srt + p/p)

Tour Dates The band are touring intensively in August with Mahogany from New York ( and Curtis Newton from Lyon ( Imagine a lo-fi version of the Jesus and Mary Chain's Rollercoaster extravaganza and you won't be far off. It will be Saloon's most extensive tour of the UK to date, although Saloon are in a sense hosting our US and and French guests the headliners will rotate nightly.

There will also be an exclusive three track sampler available at the gigs, pressed by Amberley ( to compliment the event of vinyl. The Saloon track being an exclusive Gag remix of the still unreleased Suivez La Piste. For further details and an alternate mix contact:

Gig Dates
Gigs The Lift, Upstairs at The Pig & Paradise, Queens Road, Brighton 03/08/00

Tel: (01273) 730515

Contact: Jeff Reed - (01273) 779411

Gigs Bristol Comedy Pub, Stokes Croft, Bristol 04/08/00

Doors 20:00, Entry £2.00.

Contact: Charlie - (0117) 903 0796

Gigs Cavern Club, 83 - 84 Queen Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3RP 05/08/00

Contact: Dave - (0192) 495370 / 258070

Gigs Zanzibar, Liverpool 06/08/00

Doors 20:00, Entry £3.00.

Contact: Tony - (0151) 707 0633

Gigs The Charlotte, 8 Oxford Street, Leicester LE1 5XZ 08/08/00

Tel: (0116) 255 3956

Contact: or Mark -

Gigs Catapult Club, The Jug of Ale, 3 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8AA 09/08/00

Tel: (0121) 449 1082

Doors 20:00, Entry £1 on the door, selected drinks £1.

Contact: Arthur -

Gigs Repeat Night, The Portland Arms, 129 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 3BA 10/08/00

Tel: (01223) 357268

Doors 20:00, Entry £3.00 on the door, free food.

Contact: Chris -

Gigs Track and Field, The Betsey Trotwood 11/08/00

Entry £3.00.

Contact: Paul/Steven -

Gigs Rising Sun Arts Centre, 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST 12/08/00

Doors 20:30, Entry £3.00 on the door.

Contact: Adam -

Gigs 13th Note Café, Glasgow 15/08/00

(Mahogany and Curtis Newton only)

Contact: Gayle -