MagicMedia256ZX Multimedia Accelerator

256-Bit Integrated graphics and DVD* video accelerator with integrated audio, multiple display/dual head, XGA/SXGA support, MagicPASS™ and EMI reduction.

  • Low Power @ 2.5V/3.3V operation

  • Integrated 4MB of SGRAM

  • AGP bus architecture

  • 329-pin BGA. Pin compatible with current and future NeoMagic controllers
  • Smallest and highest performance graphics, video and audio acceleration in one chip
  • Longer battery life on Pentium II class notebooks compared to non-integrated audio and memory solutions
  • Optimized interface delivers high performance data transfers for 2D, DVD and audio
  • Facilitates system upgrade, minimizes design changes and lowers overall system cost

CRT Display Features
  • Multiple Display/Dual-Head displays supporting independent, asynchronous LCD and CRT/TV displays
  • VGA: Supports TFT, DSTN, CRT @ 85Hz Simultaneous modes with 75Hz CRT 256, 64K, 16M colors at 640x480
  • SVGA: Supports TFT, DSTN, CRT @ 85Hz Simultaneous modes with 75Hz CRT 256, 64K, 16M colors at 800x600
  • XGA: Supports TFT, DSTN, CRT @ 75Hz Simultaneous modes with up to 75Hz CRT 256, 64K, 16M colors at 1024x768
  • SXGA: Supports TFT, DSTN, CRT @ 60Hz 256, 64K colors at 1280x1024
  • Supports two independent displays (CRT and panel or CRT and TV or dual monitors) with independent content, resolution, refresh rates and color depths

  • No-flicker CRT refresh rates up to 85Hz, even with panel operating asynchronously. All the colors and resolutions end-users want

Integrated On-chip Audio Controller
  • AGP/PCI integrated audio controller

  • SP/DIF digital audio input and output

  • Hardware acceleration for USB-attached speakers and microphones
  • Hardware audio-video synchronization

  • High-quality digital audio processing with on-chip DCF™ signal processor

  • Separate AC97 link for 100% digital audio docking

  • Hardware volume control support
  • Saves power and space required with separate PCI audio controller
  • Enables direct interface to professional audio equipment
  • Allows mixing of USB audio stream with analog audio source without CPU overhead
  • Removes SW delay dependency between video and audio and increases visualization quality
  • Allows studio quality playback and record in a small notebook form-factor without requiring CPU intervention
  • Enables highest quality audio docking on docking station using the industry standard interface. The use of digital docking alleviates tough notebook design constraints and eliminates audio noise
  • Volume control without CPU intervention

True High-Quality XGA Video/DVD Acceleration
  • DVD movie video acceleration and AC-3 audio over 30fps with 16M displayable colors
  • MagicMotion™ Acceleration (MMA) for DVD movies: 3rd Generation hardware Motion Compensation for DVD acceleration
  • 256-bit bandwidth designed to support MPEG2 video acceleration at 1024x768 resolutions
  • Accelerates DVD, MPEG, Indeo, Cinepak playback with highest quality video and color brilliance
  • Enables full frame rate/high quality DVD playback and off-loads the CPU from much of the playback overhead

  • Video doesn't slow down when occluded. Mixed-mode video can display 16M color video overlayed in 256, 64K, or 16M color graphics

TV Output and Panel Operation
  • NTSC/PAL/SECAM TV Output with multiple-tap flicker reduction filter and overscan/underscan compensation

  • Provides filtered TV output

MagicPass™ EMI Reduction Features
  • 2nd generation MagicPASS EMI reduction function reduces panel EMI and cable interface EMI by 10-20dB
  • Compatible and standard digital & LVDS & PanelLink panels
  • Saves cost, weight, power and space compared to traditional EMI reduction

  • Industry-standard capability helps save cost

Video Capture/Live Video Input/MPEG Media Input Port
  • MagicVideoPort™ multimedia input ports. Supports dual Zoom Video compatible input ports

  • Live video capture/MPEG playback with frame double-buffering
  • Supports "direct connect" of dual high-speed hardware MPEG or live video decoders. Enables use of both a DVD hardware decoder and a PCMCIA ZV-card
  • Hardware support for double-buffered video capture/playback from MagicVideo Ports
*Due to the unique copy protection requirements of DVD Hollywood movies, DVD playback requires use of a qualified Software DVD driver from 3rd parties such as Mediamatics, Zoran, or others.
MagicMedia256ZX (NM2360)

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