These pages contain documents, links, references, and commentary related to mind control.  Mind control is the term in common usage to describe covert behavior modification techniques and the use of neuroinfluencing technology.  The main focus of these pages is mind control using electromagnetic and acoustic devices, though the use of drugs, hypnosis, and induced trauma also appears.  Focusing too closely on one technique can obscure the fact that the methods may be used in concert with each other, and focusing too closely on the technology alone can obscure the tactics which employ the technology.  The political aspect of mind control concerns its use in a "free" society:  The testing of the technology on nonconsensual subjects, its use in political persuasion and in suppressing dissent, as well as how the very existence of the technology is covered up and concealed.

General Overview and Introductory Material
 MKULTRA and Other U.S. Mind Control Programs
COINTELPRO, MHCHAOS, and Political Harassment
 "Non-lethal" and Directed-Energy Weapons  Nonconsensual Human Experimentation
 Implants  Revolution in Military Affairs
 Remote Monitoring and Thought Inference  Interrogation and Torture Techniques
 Subliminal Influencing  U.S. Domestic Spying
 Press and Media Coverups  Abuses of Psychiatry and Politicized Science
 "Legal" and Judicial Aspects of Mind Control
  Mind Control and Children
 Project Paperclip and Literal Nazi Connections Local (Virginia) Mind Control Links
 Wide-Field Mind Control
 "Standard" Surveillance Technologies
 Operational Mind Control Systems   Hypnosis and Trauma Conditioning
Activism Against Mind Control Abuses Commentary
Links to Other Mind Control Sites and Related Sites (Slavery, Etc.)


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